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Disneyland Resort Paris is based 20 miles outside of Paris city centre in Marne-la-Vallée, and opened it's doors on 12th April 1992. One of Europe's leading tourist destinations, the Disneyland Park channels the Disney magic that has enchanted people for generations. Mesmerising characters welcome visitors to a land where dreams come true, where make believe is real, and where imagination become reality. Through breathtaking shows and parades and exciting rides relive the Wild West, explore the Middle East and African jungles, discover the future, and see fairytales come to life. Main Street, USA | Frontierland | Adventureland | Fantasyland | Discoveryland

Once guests emerge into the Town Square from the Main Street station they are transported to small town America at the turn of the century. The decor is of a 1920s theme, with influences from flappers and ragtime and emphasis on baseball culture and the rise of the automobile. Everything down to the litter bins and fire hydrants have been carefully designed to fit the period. There is also a wonderful piece of deception by the Disney Imagineers; the top storeys of the buildings are subtly graduated in size so that Sleeping Beauty's Castle appears to be much further away than it really is.

Created by: Brandon
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Quiz topic: Quiz my disney fan ability!