Which Disney Prince Is Your Soulmate?

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Ever wondered which Disney prince you were meant to be with? Could he be alluring and mysterious like Philip? Or maybe funny like Aladdin? Maybe strong and tall like Li Shang?

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Created by: cakes
  1. Firstly, which Disney prince do you find the most attractive?
  2. Which Disney Princesses are you most like?
  3. What is your favorite color hair on a guy?
  4. What would you appreciate in a soulmate?
  5. Which is most your type?
  6. Which seems most like your type?
  7. Which movie is your favorite?
  8. Where would you prefer to live with your soulmate?
  9. Favorite color eyes for your soulmate?
  10. Height preference?

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Prince Is my Soulmate?