Which Disney Prince is for YOU

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We all know and ADORE the Disney princes, and as little girls we all want to know if we'll ever find someone as charming as Prince Charming, as sexy as Flynn Ryder or someone as loving as The Beast.

Thanks to this quiz you can finally satisfy your curiosity. I spent a lot of time and careful thought working this quiz out and I think it's fairly accurate. I hope you agree!!

Created by: harryswife
  1. Hey hey hey!!! So for the first part of this quiz, I thought that maybe we should start with what physical features you desire most in a prince. What color hair do you like best?
  2. Eye color?
  3. Body type?
  4. Is too much hair (long hair, chest hair....etc) a turn off?
  5. When looking for a quality in a great friend, what do you seek out most?
  6. If you're really going to fall in love with someone, what do you need to have in a partner?
  7. What is one flaw that you can unquestioningly accept when you're in love with someone?
  8. Does he have to be extremely romantic?
  9. In your opinion, does the person you marry have to be your best friend? And I mean completely and unquestionably your best friend?
  10. Now I need to know a little bit more about you to see which prince would fall for YOU, again let's start with physical qualities. Hair color?
  11. Eye color?
  12. You're going to pick three personality traits that relate to yourself. Pick one from below that describes you
  13. Trait number 2?
  14. And finally...trait number 3?
  15. Pick the one thing you like most out of all these things
  16. Why did you want to take this quiz in the first place?

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