What kind of typeface are you?

Ever since the digital age, there have been a lot of fonts and font families floating around. A typeface usually comprises an alphabet of letters, numerals, and punctuation marks; it may also include ideograms and symbols, or consist entirely of them.

What typeface style are you? Are you more humanist like a script font, or are you more geometric like a sans serif font? Take a few minutes out of your day and find out!

Created by: Martine
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  1. Do you prefer large crowds over small gatherings?
  2. Do you find yourself reading a lot of books, newspapers, and magazines?
  3. Are you influential, or otherwise a social butterfly?
  4. Are people quick to take notice of your features?
  5. Are you considered to be fairly normal by other people's standards?
  6. Do you have relatively good posture?
  7. Are you indifferent towards unnecessary decoration?
  8. Do you prefer furniture that is simple and undecorated over posh and ornamental?
  9. Do you believe that the Swedes are "pretty okay?"
  10. Are you considered to be popular?
  11. At times, do other people find you a bit hard to read?
  12. Is elegance and beauty more important than structure and efficiency?
  13. Are short, personal notes preferable over long, detailed essays?
  14. Do you have a hobby or interest related to calligraphy?
  15. Would you prefer to hand-write something rather than type on a computer?
  16. Do you believe that the word "Gothic" has more to do with the Dark Ages than Hot Topic?
  17. Do you physically take up a lot of space?
  18. Is tradition important to you personally, or is prevalent in your life?
  19. Do you believe that calligraphy can be used effectively in moderation?
  20. Are you considered somewhat intimidating to others?
  21. Do you sometimes have to adopt a new persona in order to be noticed?
  22. Is your closet full of flashy, or fashionable clothes?
  23. Do you feel that you need to generate drama in order to get attention?
  24. Have you ever been described as "in your face?"
  25. Are appearances and being seen very important to you?
  26. Are you considered modern by today's standards, but have a traditional quality as well?
  27. Do you have an interest or background in using typewriters?
  28. When with others, you prefer to remain a respectable distance away to maintain your personal space.
  29. You believe you are stable and dignified.
  30. Is being straightforward and legible important to you?
  31. Are themes important or prominent in your life?
  32. Do you find that you are more distinctive than those around you?
  33. Do you believe that images are more effective than words?
  34. You prefer small groups over crowded settings.
  35. Is ornament and decoration your cup of tea?

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Quiz topic: What kind of typeface am I?