Which AU sans are you?

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10 simple questions, 10 simple answers. Answer them, and you'll find out which au sans you relate to the most! I made this for amino 'cause I was bored

This only let me add 10 outcomes, so I apologize if it doesn't have that many. It includes: Ink, Error, Swap, Fell, Dream, Both forms of Nightmare, Cross/killer, Fresh, And L-st.

Created by: KiwiBerry
  1. Favorite food? (ik this is obvious)
  2. Which of these words most appeals to you?
  3. Favorite hobby?
  4. You come home from school to notice someone had broken into your home and just managed to escape. You...
  5. You consider yourself..
  6. Which word do you repeat the most?
  7. Favorite color?
  8. Are you..
  9. Zodiac? (Birth date, may need to look it up. If not just hit idk )
  10. Idk how was the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which AU sans am I?