Which Bad Sans Likes You?

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Sorry that I missed Error And Cherry. This quiz was for fun, nothing serious really. You can comment which one you got. I'm interested in the one you got. :)

I hope it isn't to bad, it is my first one after all. You can get Fell, Cross, Dust, Nightmare, Killer or Horror. (Horror is my favorite bad sans....)

Created by: Under_ScoreSans

  1. Do you like gore? Yes or No?
  2. If you could dust one of the Star Sanses. Which one would it be?
  3. Would you like to pet one? If so, which would you pet? ;-;
  4. Which is more important? L.O.V.E Or Real Love..?
  5. Which would you rather eat?
  6. Do you like m u r d e r. . . ?
  7. Would you friendly slap one? (I dunno this sounds harsh..)
  8. Do you like any of them?
  9. Are you SURE you like any of them..?
  10. Okay last question. Would you take care of your dog- I mean sans well? (Make sure hugs are included even if they say their fine)

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