where should you live

many people love to travel but always like coming home. what will be your home when you get older???? where will you settle? find out with this quiz??

are you a busy body that loves every where you go?? where will you settle down? take this simple quiz to find out now!!!! click click click click!! ((:

Created by: MMMMMM

  1. Where do you like being most?
  2. what is your ideal summer vacation?
  3. Which would you want most?
  4. what job you want?
  5. what is your favorite color???
  6. ARE YOU
  7. do you like
  8. this quiz is
  9. how mant times can you say " purple pandas peed in their puffy pink pantaloons " w/o messing up
  10. do you think a boy could have made this?

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Quiz topic: Where should I live