Where should you live?

There are a ton of places that you can live in in the U.S. But,where should you live? This quiz answers this question. This quiz asks a few questions like do you want to live in a snowy and cold place?

In this quiz you will find out where you should live.

Created by: junglejim
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  1. Do you want to live in a cold place?
  2. Do you want to live in a place with a lot of culture of diversity?
  3. What region of the U.S do you want to live in?
  4. What do you want to have in the place you will live?
  5. Do you mind living in a place with a lot of gangs?
  6. Which is your favorite place to travel to from these options?
  7. What is your favorite basketball team out of these?
  8. What is your least favorite place to travel to?
  9. Do you like this quiz so far?
  10. Do you want to live in a place where they play a lot of blues?
  11. Would you like to live near Beaches, Swamps, Lakes, or Ocean.
  12. In the place you will live do you want to have a city+ several beaches?
  13. Do you want to live near a really big city?

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Quiz topic: Where should I live?