What Poptropica Island Should You Live On

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The questions in this quiz are obviously 100% based on 1 or 2 islands mostly. And if you can't see that then your stupid. The last question might seem confusing but it has to do mostly with Reality T.V Island.

Do you want to live in Poptropica. Then find out which island to live on because if you don't live on the right island. You will quickly die of hunger and be slaughtered by mad but happy looking clowns.

Created by: Zachary
  1. Do you like carrots?
  2. Would rather be a superhero or a god?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
  4. Have you ever spied on someone?
  5. You get your only chance to be on T.V! You...
  6. Do You Live Your Life...
  7. If you could make your own island it would be about...
  8. Would you rather be a spy or a sailor.
  9. 183843726387287346372873. Code or Numbers.
  10. Are you ready?

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Quiz topic: What Poptropica Island should I Live On