Waterclan Roleplay

Today you will be role playing as a Waterclan apprentice! Joining you are the rude deputy Dampclaw, and the even worse Wetface! You might even see Fishtail, the kind medicine cat! Good luck, you'll need it!

Waterclan cats live on many tiny islands in a big body of water! They have to swim from island to island to get to the different dens! Roleplay as one of these amazing cats!

Created by: Random101

  1. It is a bright morning, and you wake up on the apprentice island! Crawling over the other sleepy apprentices, which island are you going to go to?
  2. Right as you are about to dive into the water, Dampclaw swam up to the camp. "Hey Y/N! You're going to be on the patrol today! Don't you dare act like the mousebrained fool you are!" What do you say?
  3. Dampclaw smirked at you. "Hurry up, you mouse dung! You're going to be on the patrol with me and Wetface!" Oh Starclan no, Wetface is another rude cat. So, anyways, now it's time to hunt!
  4. After Wetface joined the patrol, Dewclaw decided to hunt on the deputy island. After being insulted by both of them on the swim there, how are you feeling?
  5. You finally start to fish! You have caught a salmon, when you realize that the other two cats are looking at you. "You are about as good at fishing as a kit!" Wetface smirked. "Look at what I caught!" He moved aside, and revealed a pile of 5 giant fish. How do you respond?
  6. After what felt like a moon of you fishing and being taunted, they finally decided that it was time to bring the fish to the freshkill island. Each cat will carry three fish. Which type of fish do you choose?
  7. "Y/N, hurry up! Are you going to spend a moon here by yourself?" Dampclaw impatiently paced around the island. What do you say back?
  8. Right before you all started going to the freshkill pile, Wetface started to eat his fish that he was carrying. "Eat your fish now, we won't have to carry anything back!" He said. What will you say back?
  9. Wetface finished his meal. "I don't see what the big deal is!" He said. Dampclaw glared at him. "I can't believe you would do that!" Wetface smirked, and quickly swam to the Warrior island.
  10. Dampclaw's gaze hardened. "Once we bring the freshkill to the freshkill island, we should tell Dewstar what happened." You nodded, and both of you started to swim. Suddenly, you saw two Earthclan kits trying to surf on the same branch! One of them lost her balance and fell off, sending the other one flying into the water! What is your response?

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