Will you survive as a warrior cat?(Kit version)part 1

Please enjoy this is my 2nd quiz!My name is Shadowypaw.So this is a quiz to see if you will survive as a kit but I will make other parts too!The other parts will be

Apprentice, medicine cat apprentice (If you got a Broken leg in the kit one), warrior , Deputy (If your not a medicine cat) , Leader (If your not a medicine cat) , Medicine cat , and Mate and kits (Optional).Its long ;( R.I.P me

Created by: Shadowypaw

  1. First your prefix is what your favorite color is! (Optional)(Me: Sorry if I don't have your favorite color I can only fit 8)
  2. Now your pelt color is the month you were born in!! (Optional) (Me: Sorry this is taking sooo long!)
  3. Ok now start the quiz!
  4. So, you open your eyes for the first time and see your mother, Heatherstrike."You've opened your eyes (Prefix)kit!Why don't you go play with your brothers, Redkit and Leopardkit?"Mewed Heatherstrike.You....
  5. The next day a kit named Mousekit dashes over to you and asks"Do you want to play in the clearing with me?"
  6. (Only if you chose Whyyyy!)---> your mom makes you go play outside with him (Now everyone again)-->"What should we play?"He asks you.
  7. You play the game you picked and its night now. You go to bed and wake up at Moonhigh because Mousekit was shaking you."What?"You ask"(Prefix)kit,do you want to explore out of the camp?"he asks
  8. (If you picked yes)You and Mousekit go exploring,"Lets do this again another day!"You mew before going back to sleep in your nest (Now, the ones that said no,) You fall back asleep.
  9. You remember you are becoming an apprentice tomorrow. You...
  10. Ok this part is over now Bye!

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Quiz topic: Will I survive as a warrior cat?(Kit version)part 1