Could you lead a clone legion to victory? Part 4 Dengar

This one is not like the other parts. Its not how many men survive its only you. You will either live or die. The men may help or they may not. Will you survive?

Do not take this quiz if you have not took the first three parts. You will also need to remember if you put up guards in the last part. Will you defeat Dengar

Created by: The Geek

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  1. You hear a cry in the middle of the night. You go to invesigate and find your host dead. What do you do?
  2. You spot Dengar the famous bounty hunter on the hills. What do you do?
  3. You dive beneath the window just as the wall where you were gets hit. He climbs into his ship. Did you put up guards in the last part?
  4. You luckily brought your gun with you and start firing at Dengar. Did you set up guards in the last part?
  5. Luckily the guards are spot his ship take off. They fire all out at him from their ATTE. You get a message on your comlink telling you to take cover. Do you take cover inside or outside?
  6. Do you decide to seek cover inside or outside.
  7. Dengar is firing on the town. Then the roof collapses on you. Killng you nearly instantly.
  8. The guards in the ATTEs hit the ship and he retreats. Well done you lived.
  9. You jump out the window just as the roof collapses. Do you look for a vehicle?
  10. Did you put up guards in the last part?
  11. The roof collapses. Killiing you instantly. Follow the instructions after you submit answers.
  12. You jump outside just as the roof collapses. Did you put up guards in the last part?
  13. You are inside the building hiding. Then the roof collapses killing you almost instantly.
  14. You look through the window and see that the guards hit the ship as retreats into the distance. You survived well done.
  15. You see Dengar retreating after one of the guards hit him. You survived very good job.
  16. Your hiding insideand then the roof collapses killing you instantly.
  17. Your running outside and then a four story building collapses on your legs. then another building falls on you. Now you are dead.
  18. Yor hunting for a vehicle and find a building with a laser cannon on top. You climb in and start shooting at him and he retreats. You beat him well done.
  19. Your running and then one of the guards in the ATTEs shoots Dengars ship and he is forced to retreat.
  20. I plan for as many parts as I can thinkk of. Will you take part 5?

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