How much do you know about Booths?

Welcome! I'm Rombout. And I'm Randy. And we made together this quiz about one of Britain's most famous stores: The Booths Store! If you're interested, let us lead you and help you entering this new magical world full of shopping and fun!

Booths is a very well-known warehouse, but we won't give away any information! If you want some, come and get it! So, come along! Victory is for the brave ones among thee!

Created by: Randy is the man!

  1. Who was the founder of Booths?
  2. What is the official name of the Booths store?
  3. The official Booths site, which is owned by Booths, offers a wide variety of wines and is therefore the internet's largest wine warehouse. But how many wines does it exactly present?
  4. Booths is not only known for its famous wines, but also for its so called Slow Food. Now, which of the following sentences is correct?
  5. Guess which one of the four following answers matches the motto of Slow Food.
  6. Which event, with reference to Booths, did happen recently?
  7. Which ingredient should better not be added to Chocolate Mini Nests, a dessert recipe offered by the official Booths site?
  8. Booths has 26 stores spread across ... Northwest counties in the UK. How many counties and which ones? Pick out the right enumeration!
  9. If you have any questions about Booths, you can write a letter to the Booths Central Office. Which of the following parts of the Booths Central Office address is correct (according to the official site)?
  10. Did you like Randy's quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Booths?