How much do you know about Edwin?

Now i know there are many top goalkeepers in the world, but this quiz is all about one inparticular. Manchester United's number 1 top goalkeeper, Edwin van der Sar...

Think you know all about him? Do you think this quiz will be as easy as pie? Proove it! Just take the short quiz and see your result! Best of luck to you!!

Created by: Edwin van der Sar of VDS MySpace
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  1. What year did Edwin join Manchester United?
  2. Which year did Edwin win the Champions League?
  3. Edwin is the captain of which country?
  4. How tall is Edwin?
  5. How many children does Edwin have?
  6. How many times has Edwin won the Eredivisie?
  7. What is Edwin's animal nickname?
  8. How many goals has Edwin scored?
  9. What make of gloves does Edwin wear?
  10. And lastly, These goalkeepers are all great, but who is the 'best' goalkeeper in the world?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Edwin?