How Much Of A Manchester United Supporter Are You?

There are a Millions Of Manchester United Fans But Very Few Know A Lot About United! Here You Can Show You Are A True Red Devil! The Glitz and Glamour Await the Supporter Who Can Prove They Are Not Just Following United Because They Are Top Of The League Again!

Are you a True Red Devil? Do You Know How many Games Bobby Charlton Played without Looking? Do you remember How many Times Captain Marvel Was Injured? Have You Been to Old Trafford More than Once In your Life? If So This Quiz is For You!

Created by: evosquest

  1. How Many League Titles Have Manchester United Won?
  2. How Many Goals Have United Goalkeepers Scored?
  3. Who Saved Alex Ferguson's Job?
  4. Who Relegated United?
  5. How many Times Have United Shared The Charity Shield?
  6. In The League How many Teams Have Been Runner's Up To United More Than Twice?
  7. How many Goals Did Giuseppe Rossi Score for United?
  8. Who Wa the Shortest Reigning Manager For United?
  9. Who Did King Eric Score Against On His United Debut?
  10. Which European Team Did David May Score Against?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Manchester United Supporter am I?