Which english football team are you like?

There are many good teams in the enlish premier league but which are you most like?? Some of these teams are good and some are not find out which you are?

So which team are YOU find out in this quiz and remember don't let it be manchester united LOL But good luck whichever team you are just answer the questions honestly even if you don't know the players

Created by: katie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have just been chosen to manage a footbal team who do you chose as one of your midfielders?
  2. Who do you chose for a defender?
  3. Who do you chose as a striker?
  4. Who would be your goalie?
  5. Which is the best manager?
  6. Which colour shirt would you pick?
  7. Who is the best player?
  8. Where would you play your games?
  9. Who is the best defender?
  10. What would you have as your sponser?

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Quiz topic: Which english football team am I like?