Name That Football Team

This quiz is about fotball from every divison in England you could be a football genius. What is a genius? A genius is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind.

Are you a genius at the the english sport FOOTBALL. But thanks to this quiz in a few minutes you will find out. Do you know the managers, stadiums and nicknames of all the clubs in England, Wale,Scotland.

Created by: James Coventon of this site
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  1. What football club does Delia Smith support?
  2. What Club does Dennis Wise manage?
  3. What team plays at Boleyn Ground?
  4. Who is sponsored by Mansion?
  5. Who plays at the KC Stadium?
  6. What league is Barnet in?
  7. What team use to play at the Baseball Ground?
  8. Elton John supports which club?
  9. What club does Paul Ince manage?
  10. Who's nickname is the Peacoks?

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