Were You a Red Sox Fan Before 2004?

There are many Red Sox fans, but not all have been cheering for the team a long time. A connection to the team's past and to the city it plays in define the true fan.

Are you a true fan? Were you one before 2004? Have you lived or spent time in New England? Prove it here in just a few minutes by answering the following questions.

Created by: Dave

  1. There is a Red Sox manager who won his first 12 games on the job and led the team to the playoffs later that season, while coaching in the minors he supplemented his income by:
  2. This player backed up Carlton Fisk, and wore just a cap, not a helmet when he came to bat
  3. He wore a helmet, not a cap, when playing in the field
  4. This hitter would often slide his left hand the length of the bat before settling into his stance
  5. He was the Miller Lite Player of the Game in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series
  6. Ron Guidry went 25-3 for the Yankees in 1978, but this Sox pitcher also won 20 games that year, including 11 of his first 13 decisions
  7. In spite of his .349 batting average, Wade Boggs did not get to play everyday when he came up in 1982, because:
  8. This player has the most home runs as a Red Sox while wearing the #24
  9. He was The Rooster
  10. He was the Gator
  11. He replaced Jon Miller as a Sox radio broadcaster in 1983
  12. There used to be a nightclub right under the Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square, it was called:
  13. These past and present Red Sox players both share a distinction of having last names that are also towns or cities in Massachusetts
  14. The Revere dining establishment where you'll find many long-time Sox fans is called:
  15. If you wish to advertise your products to Sox fans, your business could be located along:
  16. If someone from the Boston area starts describing a place they like to call Wonderland , they are most likely referring to:

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