Longhorn Football Quiz

This quiz (or test, whatever you want to call it) is going to see exactly how much you know about the University of Texas longhorns football team. So take it and see how much you know!!

This test is really not that hard unless you just have no clue about anything about the University of Texas football team. These questions are about coaches, player awards, and big games that Texas has played in.

Created by: chris
  1. How players from UT have one the heisman trophy?
  2. How many times has UT played in the National Championship game?
  3. Who did UT beat in the last National Championship game that they played in?
  4. How many times did former Texas runningback, Ricky Williams win the heisman trophy?
  5. How many times was former Texas quarterback, Vince Young, chosen as an All-American?
  6. Who is the current head football coach for Texas?
  7. Who does Texas play every year in a game called the Red River Shootout in the Cotton Bowl?
  8. How many Bowl Games has Texas played in?
  9. In what year did former Texas linebacker, Derrick Johnson, win the Butkus Award?
  10. In what year did former Texas runningback, Earl Campbell, win the Heisman Trophy?

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