Hardest Football Quiz Ever

In football you have the talented, the not so talented and the weak. Take this quiz and you'll find out if you're worth a starting place in my football dream team. This is where champions are made. Prove to me that your the best!

Do YOU want to represent a footballing team brimming with talent and skill. Take this test to find out whether or not you have the skill to become part of it! The weak will be left the mighty will charge on. You decide what you want to be!

Created by: Will Smith

  1. What is Salomon Kalou's older football playing brother called?
  2. Who scored the winning penalty in the FA Cup final of 2005 for Arsenal?
  3. Who has only recently taken the job as Argentina's manager?
  4. At which team does Ever Banega play for this season?
  5. How many goals did the top scorer in the Bundesliga get last season?
  6. Which team does Newcastle's Shola Ameobi's younger brother play for? (Not the club that he's been loaned to)
  7. What club in Holland do Chelsea affilate with?
  8. Whic football club did David Beckham start his career?
  9. In what year was Steven Gerrard linked with a move to Chelsea?
  10. What stadium did Hull FC use to play at?

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