How much do you know about football?

Well it's all come down to this. It's the final quiz to end all quizzes. Thats right it's the football quiz. I hope you do well but I must warn you ... It's hard! Its very hard!

Are you up it. The first 5 questions are easy and you should complete these with ease. The second batch going from 6-10 are medium difficulty questions that you should be challenged by, but not too challenged. The rest of the questions are very difficult. If you can get these right you are a footballing legend!

Created by: Sam Potter
  1. Who has won the Premier League the most being the champion 10 times?
  2. Who is the Premier Leagues most expensive player?
  3. Who has scored the most Premier League goals since it started?
  4. What is the match ball for all of the Premier League games?
  5. Who is the richest club in the Premier League?
  6. What date was the Premier League formed?
  7. Who were the first sponsor of the Premier League?
  8. How many teams can qualify for Europe (UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup) through league position?
  9. How long was The Football League with four divisions running, until the introduction of the Premier League?
  10. By 2000-2001, what was the percentage of foreign players in the Premier League?
  11. In what year were all English clubs banned form European competition?
  12. How many clubs have played in the Premier League since it's inception (introduction)?
  13. In what year did the Premier League have 5 clubs that qualified for the UEFA Champions League?
  14. Who has made the most Premier League appearances?
  15. Who has been in the Premier League the longest since it's inception?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about football?