UEFA champions league quiz

There are millions of football fans. There are loads of people who watch the UEFA Champions league. Some say they know a lot about the UCL. But do you really?

Are you the master of the UCL? Can you conquer Europe's greatest quiz contest. Do you have what it takes to beat this quiz? Take the quiz and see for yourself. And remember, you better not let me down.....

Created by: SKSONOBO_15

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  1. Right lets start off easy. Who won the 2017 champions league?
  2. Who is the all-time champions league record goal scorer?
  3. Now a bit more tricky, which Chelsea player scored that dramatic last minute goal against Barcelona in 2012?
  4. The scoreline was 2-2 during Barcelona vs Chelsea. Which players scored the goals in order?
  5. Which team won the 2005 Champions league?
  6. The scoreline was 3-3. Which 3 Liverpool players scored in the 2005 final? (IN ORDER!!!!!)
  7. Complete the following phrase: "Fernando Torres he's in......."
  8. Guess which player i am: Im a bit short. I came off the bench to score the last goal in the final which made what manchester united is
  9. Which Player assisted Arjen Robben's last minute winner in the 2013 UCL final?
  10. Real Madrid have been in the UCL finals a lot recently
  11. (NO EFFECT) Do you hate real madrid in the UCL finals?

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