Super Soccer Quiz!

This is my second quiz, and this time it's about footie. It covers World Cup 2010, the Barclays Premier League and the Champions League. This quiz will be easier if you're European.

Not all of these questions are easy, but most of them are. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to rate and comment. If you thought this quiz was crap don't be afraid to say it.

Created by: EpicPanda727

  1. What country hosted the 2010 World Cup?
  2. Why was the occasion so special?
  3. What was the official song for it?
  4. Who scored the winner?
  5. Who scored the winner of the 2011/2012 Barclays Premier League?
  6. Who won the 2009/2010 Champions League?
  7. Who were they against?
  8. Who won the 94/95 Premier League?
  9. How many people died in the Hillsbourgh Disaster?
  10. Last question: what number does Antonio Cassano ALWAYS wear?

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