Which High Tier Premier League Team Are You?

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The Premier League is full of tradition and history, yet it is still growing in popularity in countries outside of England and Wales like the United States.

It's the most exciting football/soccer league in the world, as it is the most balanced and competitive. Anything can happen on any given day, and even great teams can have bad seasons.

Created by: Jack
  1. What climate do you enjoy living in?
  2. Do you like being a bandwagon/fair weather fan?
  3. What's your favorite colour?
  4. Do you want a team with a rich history?
  5. Do you want to be known for being flashy or being scrappy?
  6. What best describes you?
  7. Do you like change?
  8. Are you a fan of stripes?
  9. How much are you willing to pay to see your team?
  10. Do you want to play in a great stadium?

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Quiz topic: Which High Tier Premier League Team am I?