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Liverpool Football Club is a Premier League football club based in Liverpool. Liverpool F.C. is one of the most successful clubs in England and has won more European trophies than any other English team.

So, are you a fan? Or a die-hard fan of Liverpool? Take this superb quiz to check your knowledge about one of the finest clubs of Premier League. All the best!

Created by: aadee
  1. When was Liverpool founded?
  2. Which of the following is Liverpool's home stadium?
  3. What is the club's anthem?
  4. What is the home colour of Liverpool?
  5. Which animal is featured on Liverpool's badge?
  6. In the Hillsborough disaster, how many Liverpool supporters lost their lives?
  7. What do Liverpool fans refer themselves as?
  8. Who is the current manager of the club?
  9. With which of the following clubs Liverpool does not have a rivalry?
  10. Who is the current captain of the team?
  11. Who is the only player to have won the Liverpool F.C. Player of the Season award twice?
  12. Which of the following players is on loan to Stroke City?
  13. Which of the following was Liverpool's first trophy?

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