Which L.F.C player are you

Have you ever wondered about which Liverpool player you are like. I have, so I wanted to make this quiz for you wonderful people to discover, once and for all, which Liverpool player you are! :)

Are you intrigued? Are you curious about which Liverpool player you are? Who do you share characteristics with? Well, you will find out in a few minutes after taking this test! :)

Created by: Tailz63
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you were working in a group, would you be the leader?
  2. If your friend was being bullied would you?
  3. If you scored, what would the goal be like?
  4. If in PE you were told that you were doing laps of the field, what would be your reaction?
  5. What position do you play?
  6. Which word(s) describes you best
  7. Which number do you like best?
  8. When taking a penalty, where do you put it?
  9. What is your footballing philosophy?
  10. Are you a Liverpool fan?

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Quiz topic: Which L.F.C player am I