Ultimate Football Trivia Quiz IV

Alex Ferguson arrived from Aberdeen to replace Atkinson and guided the club to an 11th place finish. The following season (1987-88), United finished second, with Brian McClair becoming the first United player since George Best to score twenty league goals in a season. However, United struggled throughout the next two seasons, with many of Ferguson's signings not reaching the expectations of the fans. Alex Ferguson was reportedly on the verge of being sacked at the beginning of 1990 but a Mark Robins goal gave United a narrow 1-0 win in the third round of the FA Cup over Nottingham Forest kept the season alive and the team went on to win the competition, beating Crystal Palace in a replay in the final

1998-99 was when Manchester United had the most successful season in English club football history as they became the first and only English team to win The Treble - winning the Premiership, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League in the same season. After a very tense Premier League season, Manchester United won the title on the final day beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-1, whilst Arsenal won 1-0 against Aston Villa. Winning the Premiership was the first part of the Treble in place, the one part that manager Alex Ferguson described as the hardest

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  1. Fifa meens...
  2. Sepp Blater is the cuurent fifa president True or false
  3. How many Goals has Ronaldo scored in the world cup ?
  4. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, is also known as ...
  5. Maradona's first names are ...
  6. David Beckham was named in Pele's Fifa 100, true or false
  7. Beckham,Zidane, Raul all appear in the film Goal! true or false
  8. What is Zinedine Zidane's middle name ?
  9. Zidane was the most valuable player in the world and made the world record transfer, but what was the fee Real Madrid paid?
  10. Vicítor Borba Ferreira is otherwise known as...
  11. Who is Rotherham's number 19?
  12. Liverpool oringally wanted to be called Everton True or False
  13. Newton heath now known as Man Utd originally wanted to change thier name to Manchester Heath..true or false
  14. Arsenal were orignally formed in the...
  15. Who is Arsenal's recoprd appearance holder ?
  16. Arsenal's cuurent Manager is the record holder for games as a manager, true or false
  17. Who is the player who currently holds the record for most goals in a season at Mansfield Town?
  18. Portsmouth's most recent trophy came when the club beat Rotherham in 2003 to claim the First Divison, true or false
  19. Man City's record defeat came against which club?
  20. Kevin Keegan's first name is...
  21. Which team play at the AOL Arena?
  22. Which team won La Liga from 1986-1990
  23. Genoa Cricket and Athletic club won Serie A for the 6 of first 7 years it was running, true or false

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