Ultimate Football Triva Quiz

There are many idiots of football, many smart people of football but few are the ultimate! this quiz will separate the good the bad and the ultimate. Will you make this you're season? Will You stand up and be counted in the ultimate football trivia test?

Will you be so good that you cant be humble will you be so brillaint you cant be modest enough_Are You A Genius take the trivia test which will decide you're fate!

Created by: Azz
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  1. Who Was the first team to Win the world Cup
  2. David Beckham played 94 times for england before being dropped, how many people have played more ?
  3. Who was the last player to win the fifa world player of the year who wasnt playing in la liga
  4. Which England Captain once said " that was now in the past we're now in the future"
  5. Jose Mourinho famously once claimed himself to be...
  6. Eric Cantona was born in
  7. Who once had written on a vest under thier shirt 'once a blue always a blue'
  8. Who top scored for Man Utd when they won the treble in 1999
  9. Out of the following players who has played the most games for Brazil (after the world cup of 2006) ?
  10. How old was Teddy Sheringham when england won their first and only world cup?
  11. England's Youngest ever defender was?
  12. Man City have won the FA cup...how many times
  13. Arsene Wenger arrived to manage Arsenal from which club?
  14. Which Club did Sir Alex Ferguson finished his playing career at which club
  15. Has Alan Shearer ever won the FA Premier League
  16. who once said "i spent my money on cars, women and booze, the rest i just squandered !"
  17. Who holds the record for most goals scored in one game for manchester united
  18. Who Won the Chelsea player of the year in 1976 and 1977?
  19. What was the date when Malcom Glazer took total control of Man Utd
  20. 2 players have appeared more than Ryan Giggs for Man Utd who are they?
  21. Liverpool are currently in the process of building a new stadium at Stanley park just 300 yards away, but how much will it cost? and what will the capacity be?
  22. How Many times have Everton won the FA cup?
  23. Everton FC have won the Charity Shield how many times
  24. Mansfield Town made the play-offs in the 1994-95 season but lost out to...
  25. David Beckham won the BBC personality of the year? True or False
  26. Barcelona won the Champions League against Arsenal in 2004-05...
  27. Where was the final of the champions league in 1999
  28. Which major city was the European Champions League Final of 2005?

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