Ultimate Trivia Football Quiz III

Football (also known as association football or soccer) is a team sport played between two teams, of 11 players each, and is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world. It is a ball game played on a rectangular grass field (or occasionally on an artificial pitch) with a goal at each end.

This is Quiz is designed to find out if you are the Eric Cantona or Pele of Football Knowledge or if you are a total failure in what you think you should be good at like Juan Sebastien Veron in the premiership,,, take your time the questions are testing

Created by: MarkAaron
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  1. Which three players have scored the most world cup goals?
  2. What is the premiership's record attendance?
  3. Which two players hold the record for the most goals scored in one Premiership season?
  4. What does Ronaldinho mean?
  5. Which team have won their domestic league less time than they have won European trophies?
  6. Where will the Champions League finale be held thsi year?
  7. Teams are allowed to make replicas of the Champions League trophy but what size can it be no larger than compared to the real trophy?
  8. Which club play at the 'Spanish Olympic Stadium'?
  9. Which country have had the most FIFA World Player Of The Year awards won?
  10. Who won the first ever formatted Champions League Final?
  11. How many clubs have successfully defended their European crown in back to back tournaments?
  12. How many clubs entered the Extra Premliminary Round for the FA Cup season of 2006/07
  13. What is date of the FA Cup final to be played on this year?

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