The Ultimate TPM Trivia Quiz

Think you know EVERYTHING about Turner Productions? Think you are the ultimate Turner Productions Oracle of Knowledge? Then check this out - The Ultimate Turner Productions Trivia Quiz!

In The Ultimate Turner Productions Trivia Quiz you can test your brain against some of the most difficult TPM questions ever, but can avoid embarrasement if you don't?

Created by: Turner Productions
  1. What is the full name of the first 'AM Pubs' film?
  2. 'The Unsociables' marked which TPM member's first appearance?
  3. In The Rock 2006, which character says "Welcome to The Rock"?
  4. What is the name of Daniel Turner's character in 'The Devil Within' series?
  5. What is the name of the song that plays on Ed's CD player in 'The Unsociables' when Matt changes the track over.
  6. What year was 'Agent Under Amber' released?
  7. How does the Phoenix Club in 'Phoenix Nights' con people on the snooker table on the family fun day?
  8. Who is the only actor in 'The Rock' to keep the same character in the remake in 2006?
  9. In 'The Unsociables', after knocking out Baz, Matt says "Wait! Maybe we can say its suicide that killed him!" in which Anthony replies with what line?
  10. What is Matt's catchphrase in the 'AM Pubs' Series?
  11. How many films were released in 2006?
  12. How many tracks does the Official TPM Soundtrack Volume 3 have?
  13. In 'AM Pubs: The Pub Inspectors', Matt asks "Cocktail anyone?" but what drink bottle does he hold in his hand when he speaks?
  14. What was TPM's first situation comedy movie?
  15. In 'The Devil Within', James asks William "I haven't seen many people around here", but what is William's reply?
  16. The 'AM Pubs 2' DVD cover was a mock up of which famous video game cover?
  17. In 'AM Pubs 3', the newspaper article has a picture of Matthew standing next to who?
  18. How many deaths were there in 'The Devil Within 2'?
  19. In 'AM Pubs 2: Farewell Anthony...' Matthew watches which un-official movie on TV?
  20. What was the first film to feature Green Screen effects?

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