Bryan's TV Quiz

This TV quiz, created by Bryan, is designed to settle the eternal question: Who is better at TV trivia, Justin or Bobak? The smart money is on Justin, but never count out an underdog named Bobak.

Here we go, friends. These 30 random questions, impartial and unbiased, will finally decide forever who the ultimate TV trivia champion is. Besides Bryan, of course.

Created by: Bryan
  1. Which television broadcast garnered the most viewers of all-time?
  2. Who played Maude on the television show, Maude?
  3. Which veteran character actor played the NBC President on the hit show, Seinfeld?
  4. Who is Franklin Delano Bluth?
  5. Well we're moving on up ... ?
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio had a recurring role as a homeless boy on what 1980's sitcom?
  7. Created by Lost guru Carlton Cuse, the short-lived time-traveling cowboy series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. starred whom as the titular character?
  8. Before she played Lily on How I Met Your Mother, actress Alyson Hannigan was known as Willow on what iconic series?
  9. Which of the following shows did David E. Kelley NOT create?
  10. Bam, pow, right to the ...
  11. Hello. My name is Sayid, and I am a ...
  12. Which band played at Mr. Burns' birthday party?
  13. Where does the show Northern Exposure take place?
  14. Who is better at television trivia?
  15. Which character from The Wire did Bryan wait for when he worked at Ledo's?
  16. Who directed the two-hour Season 5 finale of the hit show C.S.I.?
  17. Who was the second Darrin Stephens on the show Bewitched?
  18. Who killed Richie Aprile?
  19. The Woodland Critters from the immortal Christmas episode of South Park worship which deity?
  20. Who was the Storyteller on the most underrated show of all-time, Jim Henson's Storytellers?
  21. Which of the following cartoons wasn't originally Japanese?
  22. Who betrayed the human race to the Cylons on the greatest show you've never seen, Battlestar Galactica?
  23. What was Saved by the Bell originally called?
  24. What planet did Alf come from?
  25. What is MacGuyver's first name?
  26. Who played Detective Phil Fish on the short-lived sitcom, Fish?
  27. Who is NOT a member of the original cast of Saturday Night Live?
  28. Who killed Jack Bauer's brother?
  29. Which cast member of The Office is also known for having a physical relationship with the elderly mother on the show Six Feet Under?
  30. Whom among the following has NOT starred in any of the three Lonesome Dove mini-series?

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