Monsters Part 2

Thanks everyone for the comments!!! That made me feel happy!! And me being happy, makes me write faster! ;D. Hopefully, I check this quiz a little bit more, so hopefully there aren't as many mistakes. VERY IMPORTANT FOR. . . . Firey_soul!!!! I'm sorry if you think I took your character. I just used the name because I LOVE Bryan from your series! (You're actually the one that made me want to do a story cause I loved yours soooo much! Actually, Bryan supposed to be like the character from the manga series Black Bird. And don't worry. I really don't plan on copying your story.

Okay, so anyway. Hope you all enjoy it. Here's a plus if you're reading this. The song theme that you were playing on the piano was the song theme from 'Dead Island' trailor 2. With the little girl and family. Please go watch it. Its very sad. So yeah.

Created by: Angelsbloodytears

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  1. After grabbing your lunch, you sit down with Amber and her boyfriend, Jake. Jake was kinda a nerd but that didn't stop Amber dating him for four years. Jake had shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, and small glasses that actually wasn't nerdy. While eating lunch you feel someone put there hands around your shoulders.You gasped loudly flinching and quickly turn around. And ofcourse (sp) see. . .
  2. YOU SEE *Suspense* (AN: I frudgen hate suspense by the way) The guy who gave you a ride. "You??", you say shocked. "You!", you say again. "Ummm, yeah it's me.", he said giving a not-mean-smirk. When you notice his hands are still around your shoulders you pull back a bit giving him a hint. "Oh! Sorry bout that. Your shoulders are nice", he says looking a bit emberessed (sp?). Okay. Not a bad thing to say, but a little weird. "What's your name,", you suddenly blurt out. "Oh! Huh, I never told you?", he sounded a bit teasingly. "No.", you straight on say. "Well. Guess you'll never know then" he said giving another oh-so-famous smirk. "What do mean! 'I'll never know!'." You yell a bit too loud. "Ummm. Hello. We're still here you know.", you hear Amber say sarcastically. "Sorry! This is 'the guy' who gave me a ride.", you reply. "Mark. What are you doing here?!", you hear a very familiar voice say. "I thought you were gonna ditch again?" Okay, now you know who that was. You turn around and see, Bryan! "You know him!", you say. "YOU know him?'", Bryan says actually, kinda yells. He seems, for some reason, a bit angry.
  3. Then you finally notice. "AHA! YOUR NAMES MARK!" you shout. Everyone kinda looks at you funny and you blush. "Sorry", you mumble. "____! How do you know him!", Bryan says, anger in his voice. You get a little scared and flinch at his voice. When Bryan sees you flinch he looks like he just hit a puppy. (AN: He better have not!!! ILL GO KITTY CAT ON HIS ASS!) /Pardon language/ "I'm sorry.", Bryan says looking away from your face. "You should be. Yelling at a cute school girl like this one herself. So rude.", again teases Mark. "It's fine. I know Mark when I was late for school. And he gave me a ride.", you say calmly. "Oh.", Bryan says. "Hey Bryan! Mark! Whatcha guys doing!", you hear a pound and very happy voice. Suddenly came two very attractive guys. But one seemed a little young. The young one had golden hair that was soooo shiney, or so I might add. He had happy green eyes and was caring three little boxes. The second one had dark blackish blueish eyes that were very beautiful. He had dark black hair that had dark blue highlights that you barely saw.
  4. The one carrying the boxes seemed to stop also immediately and looked at you. But then the darker haired one snapped his fingers in front of him and he snapped back into reality blushing like a tard. "Hi!", the younger looking one says. "I'm Angel!", he says giving you a sweet smile. "Oh! Hi! I'm ____!", you also gave him a sweet smile. "This is Kevin! But he doesn't really talk much though.", Angel points to the darker haired one. Yeah, you can imagen his name being Kevin. "Whatever, Angle. Just shut up and give your sissy food.", Kevin replies. "Hey!", Angels voice suddenly turned into a baby voice. "They're not Sissy!". You, Amber, and Jake watched eating there food as they all continued on and on. Then, soon enough, the lunch bell rings. "Awe! My lunches!", Angel whines. "Your fault.", you hear Kevin mumble. Unbelievably, they fight again. Now it was scary cause they started throwing stuff. You all tipped toed out careful not to let the guys know. What a disaster!!!
  5. *TIME WARP! JK* *RING* 'Oh thank goodness!', you think in your head. You thought your 8th period would never come! (Your favorite period) Stupid English! You almost sprint to your 8th period, Art. Ofcorse (sp?), your early and want to talk to your 8th period teacher, Mrs.Maxwell, who was practically your third best friend. "Hi Ash!", you say short for her first name Sanely. "Oh, ____, you kidder!", she smiles. Mrs.Maxwell had long blond hair that was always in a braid. She wore small glasses and always had the cutest nails! "What are we doing today!", you ask with curiousity in your voice. "Well, ____, I thought since later I've been so spicific (sp) I thought today I'd let everyone do any painting they want today!", she cheered. Your eyes went wide! "Really! Anything!". "Anything.", she replied. When class started an she announced the news everyone was happy! But you really didn't know what to paint. Suddenly, an image of a big wolf flashed in your mind. 'That's weird.', You thought. But toy got a sudden urge to paint this wolf that you saw. And you felt your hands had minds of their own, grabbing paints, mixing, swipping over the portrait without any care. What was going on?! Soon later you were amazed at what you saw! The wolf you painted looked excactly as you imagined!!! When Mrs.Maxwell passed by she gasped. "Why ____. This ... it's- I-", she kept studdering like as if she knew no words. Other students started looking at your painting gasping as well. You started to feel very nervous.
  6. *TIME FOREWORD* You don't know what exactly happened back at 8th period, but it was strange. Sure, a lot of people called you a really good artist, but that was just too good to be you painting it. Oh well. You'll think about it later. Time for your last favorite class. Music. You played the violin and piano, but could only do one. You choose the violin. When you open the door you frozed. It was the guy with blond curly hair at lunch! "Oh hi, ____!", the guy said giving you a smile. "How do you know my name?", you ask suspiciously. "Bryan told me. You do know Bryan, right? And Mark?", he says. "Yeah, I know them." You reply. "I don't know your name though.". "Oh! Sorry! I'm Angel! It nice to meet you. Especially a beautiful girl like you.", he whispers the last part, but you heard ir clearly. You blush hotly feeling embarrassed. "T-thank you.", you say queitly. "Ofcorse!", he said. "All right everyone! Grab a partner. We have an assignment today. A special one.", says the teacher. "You and your partner will find a melody with your two different instruments and write a song. The song is due in a week were you will perform it in front of the class. Clear!". "Crystal." You hear someone mutter. "Okay get your partner. You have the rest of the period to work on it." The teacher finished.
  7. "____!", Angel practicality rushes to your side pushing in your painting on your side. Mrs.Maxwell told you to take it home or enter it into a contest. Even though you probably wont. You wince in pain as it pushed into you. (AN: holy crap that sounded soooo wrong!!!) "I'm sorry!", Angel says releasing his grasp. "What's that?". You look down at the painting. "Oh! I unmm painted it.", you say embarrassed. "May I see it?", Angel asks. You give him a nod before giving the painting over to him. His eyes widen. But it looked more like he was susprized and shocked. And you had a feeling it wasn't, because it was good. But soon his shock is replaced with happiness. "It's beautiful ____! You should become a artist!", he says chuckling. "Thank you.". "Well anyway, enough about your painting. What insterment do you play?", Angel asked. "Me? I play the violin." You say glancing at your violin on the shelf of many different insterments. "What?! So do I,", Angel says. "Well I guess that wont be much of a problem. We can just do different melodies in our song.", you say actually giving a big smile all day. Angel blushes staring into your face. Then he agrees with you. "Well show me how you play.", Angel says. You nod and get your insterment while he gets his violin. Checking everythings tuned and your comfortable. You start playing a sad soft melody. Everyone becomes quiet as soon as Angel joins in. You both are playing a sad melody while everyone watches their eyes wide in amazement. After you both stop the teacher yells, "That. Was. Simply. Beautiful!". "You were wonderful ____!!!", Angel says giving you a hug. "Thank you so much Angel, but you were better.", you say slightly blushing again. "No no no no no. You were far better! I'm looking forward to this project.", he says this time, actually giving you a flirty smirk.
  8. *TIME FORWARD* Finally! Schoolvwas over. Angel went back to the guys, said it was urgent, and you wanted to practice your theme song you've been working for a while. The teacher said he had things to divans would be back in a while. Or AKA Go to the tearchers lounge to watch the Friends Marathon on DVD. So you were practicing your song in perfect silence. But when you were half way through your song someone opened the door. You turned around to see Kevin! But, he was covered in brusis and had a black eye! "Kevin!", you gasp! "What happened! You run over to him putting his arm around your shoulder for support. You help him onto the piano seat being careful. "You. . . Were playing the piano?" He asks. "Uh yeah. But that's not important right now!" You said fighting back tears for a guy you barely knew. "Hey.", he chuckles. "Just a jack ass. Nothing big". "Kevin this is insanely big! A fight! What if you got beat up? You're already beat up!!! Kevin why would you-" you keep saying untill you feel warm lips on yours! Kevin was kissing you. A guy you just met today. "You need to stop worrying about me.", Kevin says breaking away from your lips. You sit there in complete shock.
  9. Hahaha! Yay!!! I finished earlier than I thought!!! Sorry its kinda short. Also if you get Angel, sort. I made another mistake. It supposed to be Angel not Angle
  10. Please comment and rate!!!!!!!

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