Falling in Love (part 1)

It is your first day at a new boarding school. Your name, Riley, can be for both genders. And guess what? They put you in a guys room by accident. You are stuck in a room with 5 guys for who knows how long. At least they are all hot...and all falling for you. Since you are starting the year late, prom isn't that far away. By then you must choose 1 guy to be your date. Which one will it be? Max(the funny one), Bryan(the jock), Nathan(the shy guy) , Jayden (the sporty one), or Logan (the bad boy)?

As this is the first (of hopefully soon to be many) quiz, your story starts on your first day. You get to meet each of the guys and maybe one will catch your eye. Or maybe not. Either way, you have plenty of time to change your mind and all the boys will be fighting hard to win your heart. Let the battle begin!

Created by: Maggs
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  1. It is your first day at your new boarding school. You go to find out your dorm room. Your name happens to be both for a girl or boy: Riley. By mistake, you end up in a room with 5 guys! "There are no other rooms available" the women told you. "Sorry, but you might have to stay in your current room until we sort this out. Is that okay?"
  2. You head up to your room. Whether you like it or not, you have to hang out here for the day while they "sort things out." You wonder whether you have to stay here overnight or if they'll find a girl's room willing to take you in while they fix this mess. You are at the door now. You take a deep breath and walk in. You first notice...
  3. "Hey, I'm Riley" you announce. "They got mixed up with my room, so I was told to stay here while they sort things out." "You're going be here for a while then. They take forever to fix stuff like this." one of the guys told me. "I'm Logan by the way. This is Jayden, Max, Nathan, and Bryan" As you look around at the boys, you wonder why they were put together. They all seem so different. "Yes!" hissed Bryan. "You're hot." You blushed a little at that. Nathan smiled apologetically at you. "Feel free to ignore Bryan," joked Max. "That's what I always do," He smiled, and Bryan stuck his tongue out at him. "So," Bryan began "Do you want a tour around the school?"
  4. "Sure," you reply. "How about we all go?" Logan butts in. Bryan doesn't seem to want to, but all the guys are suddenly ganging up on him. "I don't mind that," you say. He agrees after a long arguement with poor grace. "Alright then it's settled!" Jayden grinned. He takes your hand and starts to pull you along. Logan, Max, and Bryan are glaring at him. Jealousy is clear in their eyes. You blush again. Nathan looks unsure of himself and hurt. He seems to be more sensitive than the others. "Come on Riley! Let's go to the field first."
  5. Jayden continues to antagonize the other guys more and puts his arm around your waist. You lean away ever so slightly. You wish he wouldn't push it too much. The guys were going to kill him. Finally, you stop by the soccer field and the football field. A girl in a cheerleading uniform waved and winked at Bryan. This made you a little jealous."I play soccer and lacrosse you know," he boasted. Was he trying to to make the other guys want to kill him? "I was MVP last year." "I'm the school quarterback and I play basketball" announced Bryan. Soon, the two guys were arguing back and forth about their accomplishments. Max and Logan were trying to get them to stop without much luck. Nathan sighed. "Sorry about this," he said. "You've got us all fighting again. Come on, i'll finish your tour."
  6. You wonder what he means by "fighting again", but you are afraid to ask.You look back at the still fighting boys. You decide they're going to take a while, so you agree to go with Nathan. "Sure" you reply. He smiles radiantly. It is only too easy to make him happy. You couldn't help, but smile back at him. "Alright then, " he grinned. "Let's go! Do you want to see my favorite place on campus?" "Okay," you tell him, your curiosity raging. He takes your hand gently. He isn't as forceful as Jayden and begins to pull you along.
  7. "So," you ask curiously. "Where are we going?" He grinned mischeviously, "Just wait and see. You're lucky I'm not making you close your eyes." He continued to tease you lightly on the way. He was perfectly aware of your impatience. No matter what you said he refused to speak a word.
  8. "Are we almost there?" you ask. You're getting more and more anxious by the second. Nathan looks down at you and sighs. He appears to be ready to give some sort of info...finally. "We're almost there. I need two more seconds of your patience," he smile. "Do you think you can last that much longer or should I just ruin the surprise?" From the look on his face, you know he probably won't tell you. He sees that you seem contempt waiting. "Close your eyes," he whispers. Nathan leads you another couple of meters. " Now you can look," he says. He seems nervous now. Strange...perhaps anticipating your reaction. "Alright," you open your eyes to a peaceful little garden. You can hear the quiet babbling of a creek. "I found this place my first year here," he tells you. "Most people don't appreciate nature so much. I find it so....peaceful here."
  9. You look around. Wow. He seems to be happy that you appear to like it (even if you hate it on the inside; sorry for people who hate nature). You're wondering why Nathan looks all nervous again. "Riley, look, um..." he starts to stutter a little. "I took you here to tell you something away from the other guys. And well.." "Yeah?" you wonder what he's about to tell you. His words start to flow out. Some of them blend together. "I really like you. You don't have to like me back, but I thought you should know. I took you here to see the real me. Shy, sensitive, romantic..Sorry I'm so nervous." Then, suddenly, he kisses you, passionately.
  10. He pulls away suddenly. You turn around to see the other guys have found you two. "We thought you'd take her here," Max says answering the unspoken question in Nathan's eyes. "It is so obvious when you like a girl. This is your favorite place after all." There is an edge of jealousy to his voice. All of the boy's eyes are tight. Logan doesn't seemed as worried as the others. He smile cockily when he notices you staring.
  11. "Don't fight again, please," you begged. Nathan, who was starting to look pissed, loosens up. His eyes soften. "Of course not," he comforts you. "Let's all just go back to the room." The other boys don't seem to be in agreement with him. "I'm going to practice lacrosse," Jayden announces. "I've got football," Bryan adds on. Max smiles reluctantly at you, "I have plans with a friend." Nathan sighs. "I have to go, too. Sorry!" The other guys glared at him. "I'll escort you back," Logan smirks. "She'll have someone to look after her." This doesn't seem to comfort the other guys.
  12. Despite the guys' arguements, you end up going back to the room with Logan. He wraps his arm around you acting like your already his. You two make it up back to the room much faster than you thought you would. Time alone with Logan isn't too bad so far. "You wanna have some fun," he says after a hour of watching a boring TV show. His voice implies something a little that included him getting much closer to you...
  13. Logan doesn't give you a chance to answer. He has you pinned against the wall and is kissing you fiercly. You try to push him away, but he refuses to budge. He starts to feel you a little when...the door to your room opens. And guess who! The other guys are back and look like they wanna rip Logan's head off. His cocky smile isn't exactly helping. It doesn't look like Nathan will be able to stop this fight...
  14. Sorry guy! This quiz is coming to an end. Leave comments. So...who are you liking?

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