Lucky in Love part 6

Hello again! No, this isn't the last one =) I decided to wait a little longer to end this because of all the comments you guys left! Now you know how important those are (lol) Anyway, there's some new characters in this one and I'm really hoping you enjoy it! Thanks!

You know the guys, you know their powers, and you know what they look like. But do you really know what they're thinking? Are you still going to love the same person you've always loved or are your views going to change? Let's find out...

Created by: Emma
  1. "Like what?" you ask, curiously. "I'll explain later." he replies. "No, I've had enough of this "˜i'll explain later' s***!" you say.
  2. "Fine. But first we have to get everyone else here. They all need to hear this." he says. You two get up and start to leave your house. It's very dark outside but both of you can see perfectly clearly. "This way," he says and leads you through a path that you never noticed in your backyard. "How do you know where they are?" you ask. "I can control darkness. I can sense anyone with our kind of powers at night because their bodies give off a light to me. But they have to be awake. And they are." Alex answers.
  3. "Oh," you say. After a few minutes of walking, you come to a gate. It's meal bars are coated with rust and there's some words engraved on the top but they are impossible to make out because of the years of rust. "Matt! Open the gate." Alex whispers. The gate slowly swings open and you see six figures sitting around a fire. "What? Who are they?" you ask, motioning towards the two extra figures. They are girls.
  4. "Relax, they are here to help us." Adam says. The two girls then stand up and walk towards you. When they get close enough, you can see what they look like. "Hi-ya! I'm Kitty but you can call me Kit!" the first one says. Her platinum blonde hair is up in two spikey pony-tails. She has bubblegum pink and bright neon blue highlights in her hair and she's wearing a VERY short white dress that seems to be very tight. She isn't wearing any shoes. "I can control water!" she says. "Hi..." you say, still looking her up and down. "ALEX!" she shrieks looking overjoyed. Then she runs up to him and tackles him with a hug. "I missed you SOOO super duper MUCH!" she screams.
  5. "Haha...yea...this is umm...this is my ex-girlfriend..." He says. You see Peter giving Alex looks like "˜What the heck, Alex' and "˜Well look-y here!' and Alex giving him some like "˜What's SHE DOING HERE' and "˜Help me out here'. The other girl butts in right before you get ready to slap this "Kitty" person. "Hey, I'm Raven. Kit's my sister. I can control fire." she says. She has black hair that goes straight down to the middle of her back. Her bangs are red and orange and they go over both of her eye brows and almost over both eyes. She's wearing black combat boots, short black shorts, and a black leather jacket and has chains on her shorts and shoes.
  6. "Nice to meet you." you say, suspiciously. You're not that sure what makes you suspicious about these two but you just have a feeling. You suddenly black out and have another vision~*~*~You are watching a fight with Peter, Matt, Ryan, Alex, and Adam against the rulers, Matt's "˜parents'. Kitty and Raven are nowhere to be seen and the boys seem to be losing. Alex tries a kill move on the male ruler but it's reflected back to him and he passes out. Then you see Kitty and Raven. They are sneaking up behind the boys and they are signing the rulers. They get a nod from the two rulers and they use their kill moves on all the boys at once. It seems like they can control ALL the elements. The boys' bodies disappear and the girls are laughing.~*~*~ The vision goes up in flames and you see everyone looking down at you.
  7. "_____! Are you okay?!" Peter says, looking worried. "Yeah..." you mutter. He gives you a hug. Then you look up and search for Kitty and Raven. You try to read their faces and they just smile; an evil smile. You stand up with the help of Adam and Matt and Matt whispers something in your ear, "We need to talk for a sec." You nod and tell the others you need to clear your head. Matt gestures for you over in the corner where no one can see you two. "What is it?" you ask. "Did you have another vision?" he asks you.
  8. "Yeah," you reply. "Those two girls are going to betray everyone. They're going to kill all of you!" "Don't worry, we know. Adam already told us (he can read minds, remember?) and we have a plan to get rid of them. But we needed to know what your vision was so we know how to kill them." You tell Matt EXACTLY what happened in your vision and he looks worried. "We need to train you." he says. "You need to learn the kill move for the elements each of us possess. We can start now with mine since the others seem to be a bit busy."
  9. "Huh?" you say confused. Matt turns his head toward the others and you look the same way. Kitty is laughing and splashing water on Alex and Ryan is getting very annoyed because she keeps putting his fire out. Adam and Peter are making new types of flowers with Kitty's water, Adam's sunlight, and Peter's earth abilities. Then you see Raven just scowling at her idiot sister. You smile and say, "Let's start then! How do we do this?" "I'll teach you the same way my uncle taught me." Matt answers as his eyes turn bright grey.
  10. You two are training for hours when Matt finally says, "Okay, try it out on that tree." He seems to be out of breath and he looks really tired. Well, no wonder! He had to teach you something that took three years for him to learn in a couple hours! You do everything he taught you and....a gust of wind knocks you down and Matt catches you in a flash. Surprised, you look at the tree you were aiming for. It looks as if all the bark on the tree was blown clean off! "Nice job!" Matt says with a smile. His eyes suddenly change from dark blue to a bright green. "Now you have to go wake up Adam. It's his turn."
  11. "Adam," you whisper. He smiles then opens his eyes. "My turn?" he asks. You nod and he takes you over to a clearing in the forest. The sun's just rising. "Perfect time, too!" he says while yawning. The both of you train for a little less time than you did with Matt. "Kay, try it out, _____!" he says laughing. Repeating the steps he taught you, a burst of blinding light comes from your hands and Adam seems overjoyed! "Great job! Guess who's turn it is now!" he says. "Peter's?" you guess. "Yep! Cya later!" then he gives you a big kiss-on the LIPS-and leaves the clearing.
  12. You yawn for a sec and sit down for a rest. This is way more tiring than you would've thought. You close your eyes and soak in the morning sunlight. When you open them again, you see Peter laying next to you. His green eyes are sparkling in the light and his brown hair has some pieces of grass in it. "Ready NOW?" he asks. You smile and he makes a flower grow by your head on the ground. It doesn't look like any other flower you've seen! "Me and Adam made it last night. I thought you'd like it." then he gives you one of his cocky smiles and puts the flower in your hair. "For good luck," he says. Again, you train for hours until you get it. Then, when you're finally ready, you try the move out. A cloud of dirt shoots up in your face and the tree in front of you falls to the ground in a huge BANG! You cough a few times then your coughs turn into laughter and Peter says you need to get Alex. "Bye," and he gives you a kiss on your cheek and a hug.
  13. "Alex?" you call. "I'm over here." he shouts back. You go deeper into the forest and you find him leaning against a tree, just a shadow. He's looking wistfully into the dark blue water below and he says, "Mine are the easiest to learn. But the most dangerous. Are you ready?" You say yes and it's the same story-training for hours. When it's all done, he says, "Look into my eyes." You do what he says. Then after a few minutes, he starts to kiss you passionately. Wow...he's a REALLY good kisser...Then he pulls away and says, "Good job, you can probably do it. But, you can't practice because it's too dangerous. You could get killed if something went wrong and there wouldn't be anything we could do about it."
  14. Then, he turns into a shadow again and fades away. After his figure fades, you see the sad eyes of Matt-they're dark blue again, almost black. He just looks at you for a second, very hurt, then he turns and leaves.
  15. "Wow, look at what you did!" said a familiar voice, high and perky. "Yeah, you broke his heart. What a jerk, though." another one says. Kitty and Raven. "I never did want to break up with Alex. He's such a charmer. But, then again, he doesn't really love anyone. He especially does NOT love you." Kitty says. "Mind if I go "˜comfort' Matt? He's so sweet and...haha "˜breakable'." Raven continues. "Oh but I wanted Matt! Oh darn, I guess I'll just take Peter and Adam and you can have Ryan and Matt, Raven!" Kitty says. "What about the other one? Alex?" Raven asks. "We could just kill him." You turn around sharply and get ready to use what you learned today. "Not a very good idea sweetie!" Kitty says. Then Raven blows some fire on you and Kitty hits you on the back of your head, knocking you out.

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