The Warrior of heart 3

Hello and welcome to part 2! Seems to be a little early, eh? Anyways, thanks to all of these people who commented: XxdarkxX, Cuddles, X_Struckdumby_X, Starfire3, Nessie14, Anastasha, Xy624 and love or death. Please come back for part 4 coming soon and please comment and rate my quiz! Recap: You are now asking Kharskue about his life...

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl

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  1. "Well, it all started when I was a 12 year old boy in middle school, and everybody was laughing at me just because my hair was always messy. I didn't like the way they treated me, so I moved to a private school and made my hair look a little better. When I turned 14, I moved here to learn the martial arts, but I didn't succeed. So I decided to live in this castle where Ayshui, Whandul and Amy-chun were there. Vibyr was on his way after I came, and I had a miserable life". Kharskue smiles at you and suddenly, you heard a bang that came upon the top of the plane. You, the guys and Amy went to check what it was, and there was a Venom dragon. You decide to join in, so you try to select a weapon that was useful. and that would be...
  2. Whatever weapon you chose, you took it out of the shelf and climbed onto the top of the flame, and Vibyr was there, staying by your side. He grabbed a strong and golden bat, armed 90% and is very useful for protection, and is really good for whipping things, such as balls. Vibyr then whips the Venom dragon and black blood spilt on Vibyr's shirt. It was a blood bath, comparing to the blood Vibyr has and the Venom dragon's. But suddenly, the Venom dragon bit Vibyr so deep that it made a long cut. You joined the battle and striked the Venom dragon with your weapon, and it fell out of the sky. Amy-chun went in to fight another dragon, so she grabbed a white sparkling sword included with 2 sharp steel fans. she swings one of the steel fans at the dragon, and lots of black blood spilt out of it's body. Then, Amy-chun used a sword and striked the dragon with it, and the dragon fell off the plane. Amy chun had a little cut on her forehead from the steel fan, and you got a little red blood on your uniform.
  3. Whandul and Ayshui then jumps in with 2 silver swords on each of their hand and they stick it on four dragons. Black goo spills out of the dragons' chest and suddenly, they die and fall of the plane. And lastly, Kharskue was the person who brought out a sharp kunai and threw it at the last dragon, which caused it to die and fall off the plane. You suddenly get dizzy from all the fighting, and you passed out. When you woke up, you were inside the plane and Amy-chun was now next to you. "What do you want, Sassy girl?" you say as Amy-chun puts on her seatbelt. "Look, I carried you here because I saw you pass out. the guys were surprised to see you and they thought you were dead, but I brought you here. I'm sorry that I was being a jerk to you, and I promise not to do that ever again." Amy-chun smiles at you and then she listens to her I-pod. you were still dizzy from the fighting that happened earlier, and you decided to lie down. But there was an inconvienent problem happening with the plane. The plane ran out of fuel and we then crashed in a forest full of green trees and a very narrow river, filled with a few fish. Everybody then gets out of the plane, still alive, and you guys walk to the nearest hotel you can find.
  4. Suddenly, the reserver seperates you and the guys into two groups. The guys are going in one room together, while your stuck with Amy-chun. Unfortunately, The hotel was closed. So you had to sleep in the lobby. The next morning, you and Amy-chun bring your luggage into a room with A pink background, with two beds, and has a brown, pine colored table included with two chairs. There was also a Television, a computer and a bathroom included in the room with a nightstand, and a dresser stand. You then unpack your things and you lay on the bed, while Amy-chun brushes her hair happily.
  5. After that, Amy-chun turns to you holding two bags of food. "While I was walking to this near hotel, I stopped by at this food place called "Groovy food" and I bought 2 cheeseburgers for the both of us, including a large box of fries" she says. "Yeah, thank you for bringing me food..." You say annoyed. "What's wrong?" She asks. "Ugh...It's just, that, I got a major headache from fighting those demons, and I want to sleep" you reply. "Oh, ok. Let's eat later" Amy-chun says. Then, Amy chun goes on the internet to go on Myspace, while you sleep.
  6. When you woke up, You and the others were finally in Avanui, Kharskue's hometown. Lots of people were walking around the neighborhood, and are driving Kudo-mobiles. "_______," Kharskue calls out. "It would be a good time for you to ask some questions".
  7. (Resuming you chose the 2nd one) Vibyr replies to that question. "Well actually, We need to defeat a person named Myrettonia (Mi-ret-tonee-a), A tough person to defeat. Myrettonia has force to steal powers from specific warriors, like "Hyu". Hyu then lost his strength, and dignity, so he died. That's why lots of people are packing and going back to their old hometown, to stay away from Myrettonia. Also, Venom dragons aren't only the ones that she command. Also her henchmen and henchwomen, that are stronger than the Venom dragons, who are commanded to kidnap warriors that are gifted and talented, and your the one on their list. and lastly, a warrior species that Myrettonia commands are called Wyuti (Wi-u-tee, It's a made up word. =P), which are actually dragons. Not those venom dragons, they are power dragons. They steal power and they give it to Myrettonia so you can gain strength, and wealth. Any more questions?"
  8. (resuming you chose the 1st one) Suddenly, Vibyr replies to that question as you guys walk to the house where one of the henchwomen live. "Myrettonia is related to one of her henchwomen, Aytuhi (I-too-ee), one of the most violent person in the world. she most likely likes to tie up people that are gifted, and she likes to maintainly kill them after. Not only Myrettonia is related to Aytuhi, But even these henchmen and women are related to her, only the ones that are most likely violent: Yu-Khan (U-can), Wuu-lee (Woo-lee), Vapoyl (Va-pul) and Kwyetre (Kwe-tray). They do almost the same things that Aytuhi does, except killing the gifted ones. they just tie them up. Anymore questions?"
  9. (resuming you chose the 2nd) Kharskue answers to that one. "Not really, ______. Myrettonia gains more insecure power on us, just because shes really strong and very powerful. Not with the help of her dragons and henchmen/women. But we can gain insecure power on Myrettonia, if we can combine one of our powers to make a power called, "Solar light". "Solar light" is a power to make Myrettonia disappear into mist, and so can her henchmen, henchwomen and dragons. Unless, we have a friend who controls the power of "Ice". That would be a person named Thyndu (Thine-doo), a person who lives somewhere in Avanui, Only if we can get to him. Any more questions?".
  10. Suddenly, you, Amy-chun and the guys stop at a silver painted palace, with 2 stories. Aytuhi is in there, and you here whispers. But you don't know who Aytuhi is talking to, though. "I though we are an insecure group," you hear from Aytuhi. "We should be kidnapping _____ right now. Then, you here Vapoyl inside, talking to Aytuhi. "No, we should kidnapp Ayshui first". Then you hear Aytuhi say, "But Ayshui is my brother! You can't tie him up! I rather not kill him cause, he special". You face then gets all cold and very tinted with a little light brown, and you suddenly get red on your face. So do the guys, But Amy-chun is paying attention to the whispers. "Guys, stop!" Amy-chun whispers quietly. "I heard that they said they are going to try and kidnap all the guys, I bet". So Kharskue shapeshifts into a rattlesnake, and he slithers to the frontyard of the palace all the way to the front door. He then opens it, and you and the guys were in a cold hallway.
  11. Oops, cliffhanger! Come back for part 4!

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