The Warrior of heart 5

Welcome to part 5! Isn't it fun letting time fly while I'm making my quiz? Recap: You are flying to the headquarters to probably figure out your next mission, or hang out at the HQ where there includes a pool, spa and other cool stuff, since it has a big number of floors.

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. When the helicopter stopped, it went to a city called, "Wynvot" (Wine-vit), where the HQ is. You suddenly arrive in a 25 floor building, and on the top, is a great view of Wynvot. You suddenly skip out of the plane as the pilot grabs a cart with bedsheets, holding Amy-chun and Vibyr. When you arrived at the front desk, A guy with blue eyes, blonde hair, green cap, brown short sleeve shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers spins his chair around to look at you. "Why hello," he says. "I'm Thyndu, the guy who flies the helicopter. The guys are not here yet cause I'm still doing some paperwork. What's your name?" he asks.
  2. "Do you have a silver key?" he asks. "Umm...why?" You ask. "So you can go to your own bedroom to share with a couple of roommates". He replies. "Yeah," you say as you grab it out of your pocket. Thyndu then takes it and leads you, Evyinl and the pilots holding the carts enter the elevator up to the 18th floor. there, is room 180 where you get to enter your room. It's the room that looked like the one the hotel had that you went in. You roll your eyes and giggle as you bring a luggage. As the pilot when to the infirmary on the 16th floor, you were worried about all of the guys. Well, at least the cute guy Thyndu was here. But still, you got over of him for a little while. The next morning, Amy-chun went inside the room singing, "I am all better, take a look yourself!". "Show off..." You whisper. Amy-chun then lies down on the bed and took a peaceful nap. Thyndu then knocked on the door calling, "_____, Amy-chun and Evyinl, We need you for another mission!" He yells. "Arrghh...didn't we just got here already?!" Amy-chun says. Then, you, Amy-chun and Evyinl went to the elevator all the way to the front desk. "Girls, I need your help. We found one of Myrettonia's Henchwomen here somewhere in this city. It's at a nightclub, and you are invited by DJ Yywile (Y-will), the guy who loves playing Techno. Techno is a fast beat song and we need your help catching the henchwoman. If it's too late, she would be able to find a gem hidden in there. We need 10 power gems to defeat Myrettonia.
  3. It was 8:30 PM and a car had arrrived to take you to the Wynvot nightclub. You put on your black leather uniform and a black badge for completing mission 1, sorta. As you, Evyinl and Amy went inside the car, Thyndu waves goodbye as the car drove away. You look out the window and saw HUGE skycrapers, bridges, streets and boutique stores. Wynvot was much bigger than Avauni city! At last, you and the rest of the girls arrived at the night club. You, Evyinl and Amy-chun slammed the door as you got outside. Fresh, cold air was in, and lots of people were entering. As you walk in, a body guard stopped you. "Ticket, please" he says. Uh-oh, looks like Thyndu forgot to give you guys tickets, so you had to set up a lie. "Umm...I don't have it cause I'm going with Evyinl". Evyinl was the only one who had a ticket. Then, the body guard kicked you and Amy-chun out of the way. So, you and Amy-chun sneaked up to the roof and a huge brick square was there. When you opened it, you and Amy-chun fell onto a floor and there was the nightclub. You had to find an orange gem, the first gem that makes lightning. Aytuhi was one of the henchwomen that was a guest in the nightclub.
  4. DJ Yywile then starts to play the music and you grab your sword, Amy-chun grabs her steel fans while Evyinl grabs a wand. Evyinl winks at Aytuhi saying, "You want to fight?". Aytuhi nods and she grabs a poisonus bow. She then gets an arrow and flings it across the room. Everybody, especially you and the other girls duck and the arrow went on the wall. Then, Everybody screamed and ran out of the nightclub, especially the DJ. You roll your eyes as you, Amy and Evyinl get ready to fight. Evyinl twirls her magic wand and faced it at Aytuhi as lightning came out and struck Aytuhi's bow, and the bow was crumpled into a thousand pieces. As the fight went on, you run towards Aytuhi and stick the sword into her chest, and black goo spill out of her body. Aytuhi then dies and the orange gem is found on the top of the roof of the nightclub. Amy runs through the walls and hops onto the roof, and she grabs the orange gem. Suddenly, she heard a voice. "I don't think that belongs to you" the voice says.
  5. It was Myrettonia. She smiles as the light comes out of her chest, burning Amy-chun's eyes as she falls and passes out. Then, Myrettonia makes the gem float to her palm, and she caught it. She smiles and she disappeared into air. Amy-chun wakes up and she found a clue. "You guys, Myrettonia was here and I found evidence to follow her lead!". You and Evyinl went on the roof, and you look at the shining dust. "What is that thing?" You wonder suspiciously. "That is dust powder (It is a made up word, I think O.O). Dust powder is a shining pile of dust that has some of the warrior's powers. Myrettonia has mine, that's why its glowing" Evyinl explains. You then grab the dust and ask Evyinl if she wants it. "No, I don't need it anymore. Blow it towards the wind, It'll give you a wish". You then blow the dust and as you close your eyes, You wish...
  6. (Assuming you chose the 4th one) When you said the wish, Everything happened. Thyndu is in the helicopter with all the guys. You, Amy sand Evyinl hop in and the helicopter flies back to the HQ, which is right next to the mountains. As Whandul and Ayshui were next to you, You were still angry about the whole "American" thing among them. So you switched seats with Evyinl as you were next to Amy. "What's wrong?" she asks cooly. "Ayshui, Kharskue and Whandul are furious liars. Vibyr is the only one who is not american" you say. Amy-chun the explains, "Sometimes on a mission, those 3 awful guys lie because they want you to choose who's better. when you weren't here yet, they swore never to lie. I think you should only trust Vibyr into the situation". "Yeah, I should" You say. As you and the others arrive at the helicopter, Amy runs into the room and waited for you and Evyinl to come. After that, she slammed the door, grabbed the pillow upon her face and shrieked loudly. You and Evyinl cover your ears as the sky turned into a darkish violet with the full moon showing with alot of stars.
  7. "Whandul is such a freak! He was borrowing my mirror light to use it to hurt Myrettonia's henchmen and henchwomen's eyes! I HATE HIM! I WISH HE WAS NEVER MY BROTHER!" Amy shrieks continuely. You then lie in bed and slept to rest your ears from Amy's loud shrieking. The next morning, You were sleeping at a clear, green forest with a few animals visible. "Where am I and why?" You ask. Vibyr replies to that one, as he is making a campfire. "We are in the Wynvot forest and the reason why we were kicked out is because of Amy's crazy shrieking". "O.o she's such a doof" you say. "Sometimes..." Vibyr replies. It was 6:30 AM and Vibyr was roasting breakfast. "Where are the others?" You ask politely. "Well, Amy, Thyndu and Evyinl are still sleeping inside the big tent, where there are 8 beds: For me, Ayshui, Kharskue, Whandul, Evyinl, Amy-chun, Thyndu and You" he says. "Also the guys left to the HQ to find the yellow gem in their bedroom, that controls light, because something was glowing while they were sleeping last night. Also, I'm going to be on a date with you tomarrow". Vibyr smiles and winks at you, as he was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt and green jeans, with red sneakers and a black cap. "I'm also American, and I'm sorry lying to you" he says as she picks you up.
  8. For Breakfast, You ate french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and hotdogs. After that, You were jogging around the forest happily because tomarrow was your date with Vibyr! Soon it was lunch time and for lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich. Thyndu, Evyinl and Amy-chun woke up at 10:30 AM and was sitting in the tent to watch some Television. You went to check out the tent when you were done eating.
  9. You looked inside the tent and the tent was green inside with the 8 beds, 3 couches, a laptop, Television, food and a medium room for the bathroom. The tent was really big and outside, there were 4 chairs each set up with 2 tables, which means that equals 8 chairs included in the tables. There was also a barbeque grill for Vibyr to cook food with. Then, It turned out to be 10:30 PM and the guys didn't find the gem yet, and everybody was sleeping. The next morning, Vibyr wakes you up saying, "Wake up, _____. Tonight is our date". You wake up becoming excited or a little happy because it's your first date! You wore a hot pink gown with a light pink ribbon in the middle of the dress. You had 2 golden hoop earrings dangling around your beautiful, Curly hair. You had a rose on your hair and you wore a pearl necklace and a teal relationship bracelet. Vibyr put on his black tuxedo that had a red bow tie. It was 6:30 PM and you and Vibyr were going to a restaurant in a near village, because Wynvot was far away from the forest.
  10. ooh, cliffhanger! Come back for part 6 for your date!

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