The Warrior of heart 4

Hello! And welcome to part 4! sorry that It's out late! I promise to go faster as soon as possible! Recap: You and the others are at the palace and are sneaking into the front door, but Whandul, Ayshui and Kharskue goes missing.

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. As you walk in the hallway, you hear lots of whispers from Myrettonia's henchmen and henchwomen, and somebody else is in there, that you don't know. Amy-chun whispers, "______, Vibyr and Kharskue, stay by my side. Whandul and Ayshui, you run along. We are going to hide outside". Then, you, Amy-chun and Kharskue tip-toe back to the front door. As you creek it to take a little peek, Vapoyl and Aytuhi are outside, finding Evyinl (Ev-ee-ul), a powerful goddess who can help you and the rest get out of the palace. Suddenly, Evyinl floats by and says, "You must be _____. I am Evyinl. You should get out of here! We are in serious business! But, I'm not siding with them anymore, so I'll handle with you guys now". Evyinl then turns off the shine of her light, and follows you guys to the backyard of the palace. While you sneakily tried to get there, you looked at what Evyinl looked like: She's wearing a red gown with black heels, with red lipstick and brown eyes. Her brown hair is all curly and she has yellow dangling earrings hanging side to side, and has a red ribbon on her hair. Then, you guys appear to be at the backyard, and see a gray door which is blending in the palace. Vibyr then goes and suddenly, he disappeared and got caught, so did Ayshui and Whandul!
  2. "Amy and Evyinl," You command. "I need you two to go back to the hallway and find Myrettonia in one of the rooms. Kharskue, you go through the vent and find the silver key to the door. I will blend in to one of these fences". Amy-chun growls annoyedly as she runs back to the palace while her hair whips. Evyinl walks gently and sorta trips on her heel. Kharskue finds the key in the vent, and you disguised into the pine colored fence. You then watch Vapoyl and Aytuhi out there, and you clearly stood still. You hear them yelling, "I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL! IF WE KIDNAP ______, WE CAN KIDNAP AYSHUI! DON'T YOU GET IT!" that's definetly Vapoyl, "As I've been told, stop yelling!" Definetly Aytuhi, "You two cut off the screams or your fired from this job. Now, run along and find more victims that are sneaking in this palace". Uh-oh, that's Myrettonia.
  3. As Myrettonia, Vapoyl and Aytuhi left, You get out of the fence breathing deeply. You then suddenly black out (Not again!), and a few minutes later, your in a room inside the palace. When you woke up, you were in a wooden room with 3 chairs back to back with each other. Your sitting on a chair, being tied up. You sorta see blood on your uniform, and look at the others. There's Whandul. His mouth is covered with a soft cloth, and there was a deep cut on his knee and arm. Right behind him would be Ayshui, his mouth covered with tape, and a long cut leads between his nose and mouth. he suddenly faints completely from that blood bath, and the last drop of blood spill from his face to the chair. right next to him was Kharskue, changed into a human, and he's covered with a soft cloth, too. All of the chairs were tied together, but Kharskue only got a cut above is lower torso. His shirt is still showing, but all of the guys' uniforms was missing. They turn out to be american. Your mouth is not covered, but you broke free easily from the rope. You then take off cloths and the tape on their mouthes, and they started talking. "______," Whandul starts. "The door is locked. Here's a clue to find Amy-chun and Evyinl". Whandul gives you a piece of paper that shows the map on the palace. The pink is Amy-chun, and she's stuck in room A-5. Your in room B-9.
  4. You then look at the guys with another stare, and you see they're all wearing long shirts with short sleeves, and blue dark jeans. "YOU GUYS ARE AMERICANS?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU USERS!" You yell. Whandul replies, "We didn't mean--" , but you cut him off. "No, I don't believe you at all. I'm getting out of this room so I can find Amy and Evyinl myself. You then open the door with a silver key and you twist the doorknob. You slam that door and you are in the palace hallway, once again. You still hear whispers coming from those rooms, but all you hear is...
  5. Suddenly, You see the room A-5, and you twist the door knob. You then see a room completely filled with blood. "Myrettonia escaped..." You whisper. Aytuhi and Vapoyl are missing, and you see Amy-chun and Evyinl still alive, Trying to get out of the place. "______, Thank goodness your here! Get us out of here!" Yells Amy-chun. "I'm going to need to examine the other guys, if they're missing and I should be on my way" Evyinl says. Evyinl then goes and pushes up her dimmed glasses as she walks up to A-5. Your now stuck with Amy, again. Then Amy gets out of the room and walks with you to get out of the palace. When you open the front door, Amy-chun runs as fast as she can and went through the fence. Amy-chun had a special power to go through things, even walls. "Cool, huh?" She says. "Yeah..." You drool as you get pissed off. Then, You and Amy run on the sidewalk of Avanui as Amy whips her brown, beautiful hair. You guys then appear at the town square, and the place is completely empty.
  6. Amy and you run faster into a clear, clean forest filled with lots of green trees and forest animals. "_____," Amy whispers as all the animals were asleep. "We need to find Vibyr. He is here somewhere in the forest". You nod nicely and you and Amy continue to speed. When you both stop, There was Vibyr, in a breezy, sunny meadow walking along the mountain trail. You and Amy stop running and you guys follow to where Vibyr goes. When you guys stop, You see Vibyr sitting on an edge of a cliff. Then, he turns his head towards you. "Wow, you guys escaped real good. Follow me, I got a clue to lead us to Myrettonia" he says. He then shows you a woman wrapped completely with a black dress included with the hood, and it went all the way down to her feet. The woman floats around to Vibyr, and her eyes were Purple. Her eyes then flash RED and a black ring appears on her forehead. The woman's hair was black, too, but you can't see it well. The woman puts her hand in front of Vibyr and she made a poisonus sphere, except it wasn't electrical like you had it. She then throws it at Vibyr, and Vibyr is completely hurt.
  7. The mysterious woman turns to Amy-chun, and made another poisonus sphere. Amy grabs her steel fans and tries to throw them at the mysterious woman, but it didn't affect her. "Was that a hologram?" you ask Amy. "No," Amy explains. "When mysterious figures try to get hit with special powers, but if it doesn't affect the figure, That means they vanished into thin air, and then they come back". The mysterious woman grabs the steel fans, and the steel fans turned into silver floury stone. The mysterious woman then threw her poisonus sphere at Amy-chun, and now Amy-chun is defeated completely. Now, the mysterious woman turns to you.
  8. The mysterious woman makes a black poisonus sphere and throws it at you. You dodge the attack and you make a poisonus wave. The poisonus wave affects the woman, and she turns into black floury stone, except that it was a human. It was Vapoyl, one of Myrettonia's henchmen. She is 21, and she is totally defeated. the black dress/hood has faded and vanished, and you don't know what's going on. Evyinl runs after you, and yells, "______, what happened?". "Go see for yourself" you tell her. Evyinl was surprised to see Amy-chun and Vibyr dead. Evyinl kneels down to Vapoyl's body and whispers, "You beast..." to her. She then turns to you and says, "We're going to have to go to the HQ, and you have a look around when we go there. But right now, you call the helicopter to pick us up. I'll examine the bodies". "But what about the others?" You ask. "They'll be brought by Thyndu. Thyndu flys a helicopter". Evyinl then tosses you her phone. You ask, "What's the number?". "1-800-5679" She replies. you then dial the number and call the airport.
  9. The phone in the airport rings and the person at the front desk answers. "Hello? this is the Avanui city airport, how can I help you?". "Hello," You answer on the phone. "Me and my friend need to get back on plane 10". "Ok, I'll call the flight" the person says. "Thank you" you say. then you hang up and then you tell Evyinl something. "Evyinl, should we bring them onto the plane?" you ask. "I think so" she says. Then, when the plane arrived, you and Evyinl hopped in and flew away.
  10. Cliffhanger! Come back for part 5! =)

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