The Warrior of heart 7

Welcome to part 7 of my series! If you haven't took parts 1-6 of this saga, then you don't know what's going on here. Recap: You are trying to discover the story of Aymuri Yuh-lundi, and why Myrettonia killed her.

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. You suddenly found 4 books to help you. There titles names were: "Aymuri Yuh-Lundi: A Rich life" with a red rose on the cover, "The Family Tree" with an oak tree on the cover, "Famous Friends" with no cover on it and "Related members" with no cover on it. You decide to read, "The family tree". You open the book, and see a picture of a family tree on the next page, with one box connecting the name, "Amy-chun Shubhiski", to "Aymuri Yuh-lundi". Then, You suddenly read. "The Yuh-lundis and Shubhiskis both had a rough life together. They both fight with each other and they never got along, and they wouldn't show manners. Aymuri Yuh-lundi was the from the Pafyuio (Paf-oo-o) tribe, as Amy-chun Shubhiski lived in the Hyuen (Hi-yen) tribe. The whole Pafyuio tribe died, as Aymuri was the one who lived. Alas, Amy-chun made friends with Aymuri Yuh-lundi, and they couldn't help but learn manners". You suddenly grab "Related members" and open to the first page. There was the same painting you saw at the museum, But was painted by an abstract texture.
  2. You then go to text. "Amy-chun, Vibyr and Aymuri's family has been related for 4 years. Since Aymuri died, Vibyr and Amy-chun had to change each other's lives. When Aymuri was born, Her father, Shyume (Shy-oom) Yuh-lundi, powered Aymuri with golden dust that came upon his hand, and she became a girl that does magic. Whenever she needed to go somewhere, she would spin her finger and point it at anyone to teleport. Her magic was particularly impressive and astonishing, causing lots of Iyhune witches to try and take her power, and it happened. Now Aymuri became a normal teenager at the age of 15, and she went to a school called, "Yuhmuri (U-muri) high", which was a private school that has independent classes, and very witty teachers. She then turned 28, and as she did, an Iyhune witch killed her by taking all the blood that she had and mixed it into a pot to make golden dust, for the Iyhune which to gain power". You were even more shocked with the book, but it was actually mainly about Aymuri's life. You then grabbed the book, "Aymuri Yuh-lundi: A rich life" and turn to page 13 as you read. "Aymuri Yuh-lundi wasn't just a teenage witch to use obvious magic to do anything, she was also Myrettonia. Many believed that this was not exactly true for the matter, but Aymuri can also take anybody's power and make it her own. None other than Myrettonia, Aymuri leaves out clues for hunters to track her down, but for all those polices and other security officers, it was a total failure. Aymuri's powers were taken by an Iyhune witch which used the blood to make it into the Witch's own power, and release it to Myrettonia's spirit. now, Aymuri's grave lies in the Avanui city cemetary, and she never came back". You became more shocked and decided to grab the final book, "Famous friends".
  3. You then search for the name, "Aymuri/Myrettonia" as you flip to page 104. It says, "Aymuri Yuh-lundi was not only rich or is a witch, She secretly is Vapoyl's sister. Myrettonia killed Aymuri because she was very weak when she lost the magic that her dad gave her, and the blood that the Iyhune witch took. Myrettonia then got her power of Magic (She only had the power of teleporting) and when Myrettonia took it, she got it and turned into a glowing spirit. That's why she is taking over the world now, and trying to get away with it". When you slammed the book, Amy-chun came in. "______?" She quietly murmurs as she walks into the room. "Yeah, I'm here" you reply. "______, It's 10:30 AM. why don't you go to the diner?" she asks. "Um, Why?" You ask suspiciously as you arch an eyebrow at her. "Somebody's waiting for you, and she is one of a family that has 3 sisters" Amy-chun says. "Fine..." You say. Then you moved up to the 4th floor which there was a huge dining room. A 3-seated table was there, and you see a girl with red curly hair, white hoop earrings wearing a white glowing necklace, and she is wearing a red modern dress with red high heels and long white sleeves. "Hi, I'm Rose. nice to meet you!" She says. "Um...Hi?" you say.
  4. You then sit with Amy-chun and Rose as an egg omelet with sausage and toast for brunch was on the table. You grab a knife to cut the egg omelet into pieces, and you used your fork to eat. "Well, what's your name?" Rose asks quizzically. "I'm ______" you say. "Well nice to meet you, ______. I suppose you would want to know why I'm here" She says. "Why?" You ask. Rose pulls out a wand with Red glowing crystals inside. "I'm here to help you and the rest fight Myrettonia. My two other sisters will come tomarrow night". She says. "Sure..." You say.
  5. After lunch, You and Amy-chun gave Rose a tour of Wynvot. She really liked it here, and she decided to sit next to a fountain. You appear to be at the Wynvot central park, now, and you and Rose walk as Amy-chun went to the bathroom. "So, _____, I got a message from one of my sisters" She says. Rose then hands you a letter and you rip it open. It says, ~Dear _______, Amy-chun told me all about you in these letters. I would like to meet you tomarrow night at 7:30 PM, here at Chweindou (Shwin-doo) city. I'll be waiting at Avyuner (Av-in-ur) avenue at the Chweindou boutique. See you there, Wendy--P.S, Don't listen to Rose sometimes. She's a little suspicious~. You put the letter the letter in your pocket as you kept on walking at the park.
  6. It began to be 11:30 AM now. Amy-chun got out of the bathroom, and you three went back to HQ. You see lots of people in the lobby waiting for their flight. "This is not only a Headquarters, It's also an airport" Amy-chun explains. "Cool!" You say. Then you led Amy-chun and Rose to the elevator to the bedroom. There were five beds in the bedroom, and Rose lies down on one. Amy-chun opens the curtains outside to see People walking around the city of Wynvot. You, well, is braiding your hair and looking at the mirror to see if it looks ok.
  7. 11:45 AM appears on the alarm clock. Amy-chun and Rose were watching, "Hamlet" by William Shakesphere. You left the bedroom and you decide to knock on the guy's doors. When you did, nobody answered, so you opened the door. Suddenly, the room was destroyed and all you see is black goo and red blood. You gasp and slam the door as your heart beats fast, and you went back to your bedroom.
  8. "What's wrong?" Amy-chun asks. "The guys are gone and I don't know where they went. Only the dragon and their blood on lying on the floor!" You yell. "Whoa, _____, calm down. That sounded like total gibberish, so say it slowly" Rose says. So you explained it slowly and Rose said, "WHAT?! THOSE GUYS ARE REALLY GOOD FRIENDS TO ME! WE ARE GOING TO FIND THEM!" Rose commands. "I thought we were visiting Your sisters?" Amy-chun asks as she closes the blinds. "Oh...right" Rose says and hides her face under the bed, taking off her shoes.
  9. Suddenly in the bedroom, you found another clue that LEADS TO MYRETTONIA, and it was in the bedroom. "Um, Guys, I found another clue that can take us to Myrettonia. she was in here" You say. Rose and Amy-chun looked on the carpet and there was white hair laying on the floor. "She found the green gem which controls grass, and It was under my bed" Amy said.
  10. Cliffhanger! Come back for part 8!

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