The Warrior of heart 8

Hello! Welcome to my next part of the series, The warrior of heart. Sorry it came late! I'm trying to work as fast as I can. Recap: you are talking about the clue you just found of Myrettonia's property, and tonight you are going to the city boutique.

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. "Well, what should we do now?" Rose wonders as she touches Myrettonia's white hair with her finger. "We should investigate this soon. and, I don't think the guys are killed. They were fighting demons, and they left to search for the light gem somewhere else" Amy-chun says as she refreshes her memory. "You saw it?" You ask. "Obviously, ____, where were you by that time?" Amy-chun says. "Well, Me and rose were at the park talking and we didn't notice you were in the bathroom" you say. Suddenly, you guys start going to the cafe for some lunch, french fries and a healthy cheeseburger. Later, at 5:30 PM (Not NIGHT TIME! WELL, ALMOST =P), You and the other girls start packing your luggages to visit Rose's sisters. "So, Who are your sisters?" You ask Rose officially. "They're names are Esytel-chun (Estill), and Wendy" Rose responds.
  2. The 3 of you get ready to but on some beautiful dresses, for the two guys to just stare at you. Well, Amy-chun wore a dark violet dress with a red ribbon to tighten the dress, and she is wearing a white, shiny pearl necklace. She has 2 or 3 golden bracelets hanging on her wrists, and white hoop earrings dangle out of her ears. Her brown hair is all curled up onto the top of her head, and a pink ribbon is on her hair. Rose has a dark red dress with black stripes to make an awesome pattern on the dress. She is wearing a black pearl necklace, and in the middle of the necklace is a topaz emerald, glistening into people's eyes. She is wearing long white gloves, and her black hair is very puffy with a rose on it.
  3. You decided to dress up at 3:30 PM (Afternoon), so you still have your pajamas on. "_______, we are going to the lobby to wait for flight 8. Seeya!" Rose says as she and Amy-chun closed the door. You were left in the room for hours, until you saw 2 things glowing under your covers of your bed. You open it, and there was a dark blue and violet gem. The dark blue one controls water, while the violet one controls all of Aymuri's magic powers. "Hmm....So Myrettonia didn't ACTUALLY steal Aymuri's powers" you say as you touch the violet gem. It was 1:30 PM (Afternoon) and you were willing to eat lunch. Luckily, Amy-chun left a bag of food, so you might think Amy-chun didn't need it.
  4. You decided to open the bag of food, and a box of french fries were inside with a yummy cheeseburger, plus a can of pepsi. You eat your delicious snack for a few minutes, until you were honestly full. You look out the bedroom window as you see Wynvot city. You see some mountains, and in a distance are some of the planes. Flight 8 will come at 4:00 PM, so you decided to dress up right now. there's a pink treasure box next to Rose's bed, and you open it. 5 Dresses were there and you didn't know what to choose. So you chose...
  5. Whatever dress you chose, you went downstairs to the lobby. Amy-chun and Rose saw you in that elegant dress or gown, and they were really surprised. Lots of guys were staring at you until you sat next to Amy-Chun and Rose. "Wow, You are going to get a guy's attention, _______" Rose says. "They're only two, you guys" You say. Suddenly, the plane appeared and you, Amy-chun and Rose went inside the plane. You saw the guys there, and Vibyr smiles as you as he has the light gem. You give him a wink as you show him and the guys two more gems that you found. You and the girls giggle quietly as you sit right behind Kharskue.
  6. Kharskue turns around to face you. "I see you have a new friend, ______. I didn't see that coming at all" he says, smiling. "Pssh...You should've seen her in the cafe" You say as you giggle. "What? White sleeves can't fit in?" Rose says, embarassedly. "No, You were in there looking like a sad little angel" Amy-chun says as she mimics the look Rose made at the cafe. All the guys, Amy-chun and you laugh, and making it worse, Kharskue laughs so bad that Rose bursts into tears as they wetted her dress. Rose is still trying to hold down the sadness she has upon her face, but she still is crying and you feel bad and you think it's funny at the same time. "I sure need some feelings for Rose" you say.
  7. at 5:30 PM, You appear to be at Chweindou city, right in front of the boutique store. Eystel-chun and Wendy are standing there, and you see what they are wearing: Eystel-Chun was wearing a green dress, with white gloves and a pearl necklace on her neck as her long brown hair appears to be down into her neck with a red rose on her head. Wendy was wearing the same outfit Eystel-chun was wearing, and you thought both of them were twins, but they weren't. And you see two hot guys looking up at you (But they're not going to be results, though), and you think they both look hott cause one is wearing a black tuxedo, while another is wearing a white shirt, with a black tie and a black jacket with black pants and boots. "Why hello, ____. I'm Hyevur (Hoo-ver)" one says as his eyes flash red. The other guy was normal, and he says, "Hey, I'm Yturden (U-din)".
  8. You see Rose sitting on a fountain as if she was still crying. You walk over and sit down next to her. "Are you ok?" You ask. Rose didn't give an answer. You then leave the girl alone as Hyevur looks at you and Rose as his eyes flash red, again. You decide to grab out your sword, and tell Rose something. "Rose, we're going to have to fight one of the guys. He's a dragon" You say. Rose then grabs her Fire wand as the guys and Amy-chun looked back at what you're doing. "What are you guys doing?" Thyndu asks kindly. "We are going to take down Hyevur. He is a venom dragon" You say. The guys nod as five of the guys start grabbing their silver master swords, and as Amy-chun grabs her steel fans. Esytel-chun, Wendy and Yturden back off as the fight begun with 8 V.S. 1. Hyevur's eyes flash red again as the battle starts to begin, with Rose twirling her wand and a fire hurricane appeared to lead to Hyevur.
  9. The hurricane sinks into Hyevur's body and Rose controls him with force with her fire wand. She slammed him onto the bumpy sidewalk, and you see part of Hyevur's black tux is ripped off, black goo spilling onto the sidewalk of the boutique. Shrieks of women and men happen as they all run around the city. You were next, and you dagged your sword into Hyevur's head. Ouch! He melts into cold black goo, and he shapeshifts into a huge black gooey monster. The guys try to use their powers, but Hyevur was way too tough to defeated. As Vibyr was no where to be found, the battle continues smoothly.
  10. You suddenly see Vibyr in awful pain and he's lying on the sidewalk, black goo spilling out of his body. "Is he a dragon?!" you ask wanderly. "He's not..." Amy-chun says. "The guys have black goo, too" she continues. You decide to continue the battle until Hyevur's defeated. Unfortunately, Hyevur (A.K.A The black goo monster) expands and turns larger, destroying sky scrapers and streetlights, eating whatever is in his way. You are technically shocked by the toughest battle you ever done, and you try to stop Hyevur as fast as you can. You slam the sword onto the sidewalk, and light comes out as the sidewalk cracks awfully. Suddenly, a huge light came blinding everybody's eyes, expect you, and there was Aymuri Yuh-lundi's spirit, lighting up to help you and the guys, Rose and Amy-chun. Aymuri smiles at you and you hear her whisper, "I'm back...".
  11. Come back for part 9! =D

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