The Warrior of heart

Hello, and welcome to my series called, "The warrior of heart". This story is about a girl, which is you, who was kidnapped by 4 cute guys and they needed help from you to fight these Venom demons. But as that would happen, You are able to pick one of the guys and live with them forever. But which would you choose?

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. In a beautiful sunny and breezy morning, You were inside a gray castle. Everything was gray - Walls, floors and ceilings made out of hard stone. You were about to study a warrior that lived long ago named "Hyu", the famous person who ever defeated this sort of creature called a "Venom dragon". Suddenly at your window you hear 4 boys whispering about kidnapping you, and you didn't like what's going to happen. Suddenly, a purple mist comes inside your room, and your too unconscious to breathe. You suddenly collasped onto the floor, and everything went black. When you woke up, you were in another castle with the same color that looks like your castle, except torches lit up the room. "Hello," says one who calls out as you wake up and breathe inhalely into the castle. "What's your name?".
  2. "Well my name is Vibyr (Vi-bur)," he explains. "sorry that I had to put that purple mist into your room. It's just that we need your help defeating these, (shudders), dragons". "What dragons?" you ask. "Well actually," Vibyr continues, "They are called Venom dragons. Venom dragons are a powerful creature that have black blood and they can suck it into your body. If that happened, you would be able to either turn into a demon, or you turn back into a little newborn, and that wouldn't be ok" he says. "Got it?" "Sure..." you reply. When you and the others arrive at the frontyard of the castle, You breathe deeply and you can finally feel fresh air and see the sky turn into a sort of light aqua color, with a few clouds covering up the sun. "Ahh...." you breathe as you finally sit down to watch birds flutter across the sky.
  3. Suddenly, the other guys introduced themselves. "Hi, my name is Ayshui (I-shew-ee)" one says with the brown, sparkling and shiny hair. "I'm Whandul Won-dull)" one says with the black hair. "and I'm Kharskue (Kars-koo) one says with the yellow short hair. Then they took you to a really clear field with a little rocky pond, filled with a few piles of mushrooms. Ayshui then gives you a shiny silver sword, just for you to practice fighting those dragons, but you can't keep your balance.
  4. Ayshui starts helping you, and when you know how to control the sword with your hands gently, he explains, "______, these Venom dragons are very furious and tough, so don't use your sword all willy-nilly. use it as a warrior. watch me". Ayshui grabs a golden sword with a red sparkling handle and as a Venom dragon comes forth, He whips it with the sword, and it fades into gray floury stone on the ground. "See? now you try" he says. when 2 Venom dragons wobble towards you, you cut one of they're chests and black goo spills out, and the venom dragon fades into a gray floury stone. You suddenly try to handle another Venom dragon, but you only see a man with orange hair, wearing the same uniform the other guys had. that would be Vibyr, but you don't think it is.
  5. "Watch out," explains Kharskue. "Sometimes, the dragons turn into forms of people and it would be hard to cut through they're disguise. It isn't a good idea to just whip them with your sword, though. We use our own powers. Vibyr is fire, Whandul is air, Ayshui is water, and I, I'm a shapeshifter actually. I use electric powers".
  6. (resuming you chose the 2nd one) "You, ______, you have a special power that we don't have that comes from the dragons. Poison." Kharskue says. "Ok" you say, smiling. Then you run towards the disguised dragon while you were making a poisonus electrical sphere, and as the venom dragon runs towards you, he spits black goo and you duck the attack. You throw the sphere at the demon, and it pushes the demon to the fence. It then jumps on you grabbing both of your hands, eyes flashing red. "Be careful," explains Whandul. "The venom dragon's eyes flash red because it's about to suck black blood into you". You then push the demon to a rock and it's head gets dizzy, falling into the pond. "Yes!" you yell, but when you turned around, 3 more dragons come forth.
  7. The 3 venom dragons come forth you, and it's even harder to fight them. 2 of the dragons stop while 1 jumps on you and it's eyes flash red. You cut the sword through it's head and tons of black goo drip onto it's leg. You suddenly kicked the Venom dragon out of the way and the black goo smeared all over his face. He wasn't able to see, so you carry the dragon and threw it over the fence. "Wow," Ayshui says. "You are strong". "Thank you for knowing," you reply. "I've been taking karate lessons since then". Venom dragon #2 then steps in and you get ready to show him what you got. You pull out a dark blade out of your pocket and when the Venom dragon came closer to your face, you whipped the blade onto the dragon 10 times and the guys only heard slashes. Lots of gray smoke came everywhere, and when the gray smoke disappeared, there, was the venom dragon sliced into a thousand pieces. The guys saw lots of black goo on your blade, so you wiped it off with a soft cloth. The blade was now shiny again and you put it back into your pocket. You then hear one of the guys say...
  8. Suddenly, the final Venom dragon entered the fight, and it was going to be a tough one this time. You then grabbed a medieval flail out of nowhere and striked the venom dragon with it for one time, and you continued striking the Venom dragon. but suddenly, the Venom dragon broke your medieval flail in half, so you tried the dark blade. You slashed the venom dragon with it, but the Venom dragon was completely protected with hard metal on it's body. So you tried your sword, but when you tried to stick it onto it's chest, the Venom dragon broke free and jumped on you, eyes flashing dark red. "If the venom demon's eyes flashes dark red, that means he is going to shred you with a silver blade, made out of hard metal and can be 100% painful" Whandul explains. So you used the poisonus electric sphere and blasted it at the demon, and black goo spreaded all over it's body. You then kicked it to the fence, and Vibyr had a little flame on his finger, and threw it at the demon. the demon then was burnt and destroyed, and was in an awkward position leaning over the fence.
  9. "Nice work," Kharskue says as he walks up to you. "Looks like you are going to be staying with us from now on, so we can help save the world". Kharskue smiles as he went back to the castle, with Whandul and Ayshui following him. The sky faded into dusk, with a tinted red and orange. Now you were all alone with Vibyr as a couple stars appear onto the sky. "I say we go back to the castle to eat dinner, shall we?" Vibyr asks. "Sounds good to me" you smile as Vibyr escorts to the castle, with your footsteps echoeing the whole tower as you went up the stairs. And there was the table, filled with Sushi, noodles and fish. As you sat down, you noticed that Ayshui's face was pale and expressionless, and he was very unhappy. "May I be excused?" he says. Then Ayshui went to another pile of stairs, and he walks up to the hallway filled with 5 bedrooms. He then slams the door as it echoes the whole tower, and you wanted to follow cause you felt bad about Ayshui.
  10. "May I be excused, too?" you ask. The guys nod politely and as you walked up the pile of stairs, there was 5 closed doors which had a bedroom inside. One was waiting for you, though, but you didn't have time to focus on that. You then see one of the bedroom doors open on the left side of the hallway, so you went in. And there, there was Ayshui's room. The room had a modest red background, with 3 windows closed by the blinds. You see 3 torches lighting up Ayshui's room, and you see posters of his favorite warrior, "Hyu". You then see Ayshui lay on his comfy matress, as he listens to his I-pod. You see a couch next to his bed, that included a Television and a closet full of uniforms with 3 different colored belts on it: Yellow, blue and green. You smile as you looked at the whole room, decorated with cool stuff.
  11. Ayshui then looks at you since you were at the front door, so he paused the music on his I-pod and said, "What do you want?". "Look, I'm sorry that I did better than you when I was being trained," You explain. "It's just, that, I'm a gifted person. I started fighting when I was little". "Ok, have a seat" Ayshui replies. You then enter the room and sat next to Ayshui on his bed, as you took your sandals off. "_____, I have to tell you a story about myself. I had a miserable life as a child, and I didn't want the past to begin like that" he explains. "Well, It all started..."
  12. Ooh, Cliffhanger! Come back for part 2, tomarrow! =)

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