What war hero are you?

Before entering the world of Diablo you need to chosse a character class.I have helped you decide who you will be.A sorcerer.a rouge,or a warrior.Never forget that this quiz is not nessasarily the right way to chosse your character but it is a good start!Use your head and follow your heart and nothing can go wrong or stop you.

Are you a mighty warrior,a head strong sorcerer or a confident rouge?With this quiz and aid from the magi of the Diablo world you will find out.Remember to keep fighting until you reach the tomb of Diablo.Only there will you discover if you made the right chosse!

Created by: Aron

  1. What weapon,item or skill would you like to have?
  2. What do you want to be?
  3. What creature would you rather face?
  4. What sounds more interesting?
  5. Who sounds More Dangerous?
  6. Who are you?(if none who do you want to be)
  7. What sounds cool?
  8. When you entered the laberenth(church ruled by demons) what do you wish to come out with?
  9. Do you like school
  10. Do you enjoy reading?

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Quiz topic: What war hero am I?