What Hero Are You?

have you ever wanted to be a hero? well now is your chance take this quiz and find out which hero you are this is gonna be your first time to see what hero you couldve been when you answer these questions and hope you have fun too

have a good time and be serious because o telling what ull be you could be a alien and you could be from another planet and stuff like that and be powerful or powerless or unstoppable or stoppable so choose wisely and make sure you pick your style because itll determine your super hero

Created by: Corey
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you get pick on a lot?
  2. Do You like making projects?
  3. Do you feal like everyone have more power than you and you want to get them back and have more power?
  4. IF its a girl you like but you cant get would you impress her?
  5. if one of your family or girlfriend get killed would you ............................do revenge?
  6. Do you like wearing capes?
  7. Do you kill the one you love when you cant control yourself?
  8. Do you get a lot of girls?
  9. Do you like to drink?
  10. Do you like to fly?

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Quiz topic: What Hero am I?