The Hero in You!

The greatest heroes of the comics have been fawned over for years. Are you part of the Uncanny ones that have stole our imagination? See if you have what it takes to be a hero, and what kind of hero you have in you waiting to come out. You must ask, what is a hero, and how much of a hero are you? Find out!

Do you have the heart of a hero, are you made of the stuff to fight evil and serve justice? I have narrowed the field down to a select few to see how your personality puts foward. What kind of hero are you, and how do you stand up against those that we have read about for years on end?

Created by: Evad
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  1. Situation: Passing by the local bank, you hear the alarms go off and the glass breaking as several thugs start running to their getaway car with a load of cash. You?
  2. Ethical Dilemma: You're caught at an impass, the thugs have you on national live T.V. and threaten to off a hostage if you don't reveal your identity. You?
  3. Leadership tactic: Your team has just arrived to thwart a plot on a presidential assassination. You?
  4. Face your enemey: The villain has brought out your arch enemy, or worst fear. What is it?
  5. Situation: A visitor from another time comes to your team and accuses you of being a traitor. Why?
  6. Defining quality: The foremost reason you are part of this team is becasue you...?
  7. Personal Influence: The most important person in your life that has brought you to where you are now is?
  8. Type of fighter: How do you fight?
  9. Category Romance: How do you relate to the opposite sex?
  10. Personal grooming: How often does the razor touch your face?
  11. The costume: What kind of duds are you sporting?

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