What Action Hero are you Most Like?

Most people don't have the ability to take on an army of bad guys (like Bond or Baur), but everyone has at least a little 'action hero' in them. It's time to find out what action hero you are most like.

Do you think you could handle the day-to-day pressures that an action hero faces? If so, see what hero you are most like! If you don't think so, then see if you know the personality of your favorite action hero well enough to answer these questions for him.

Created by: Brett
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of missions would you most likely embark on?
  2. When on a mission, your attire usually consists of
  3. If someone you cared for was being held captive in a house surrounded by guards, you would most likely
  4. After saving the person, what do you do next?
  5. You work for
  6. Your weapon of choice is
  7. Which of these adjectives best describes you?
  8. Which of the following sentences can you most relate to?
  9. What enemy do you most often find yourself fighting?
  10. Which of these professions suits you best? Be honest!!
  11. And finally... What kind of women do you go for?

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Quiz topic: What Action Hero am I Most Like?