Rise of the Guardian: Part 2

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Hey everyone! Now, I know I haven't got to the action yet, but trust me, once we get past all of these *ahem* romantic parts, we'll definitely be seeing more action.

♡♡♡ First: I'd like to give shout-outs to Ericat, HoundLover, and Weirdhead. Thank you three so much for the support and help throughout these series! You're very appreciated ♡♡♡

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. The essential sadness is to go through life without loving. But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you loved that you love them. I knew this to be true, for I was plagued with these fears each and every day, and my mind will never be put to rest, until the day I die.
  2. ***Grayson***Restlessly flopping over on my side, I glanced over at Angelica, her thin hair cascading down her back majestically, each layer prettier than the last. Amused by her beauty, I gently wrapped an arm around her shoulders, smiling as she nuzzled her head into my upper chest.
  3. From across the room, a light fall breeze poured in through the open window, gently causing her golden tresses to sway delicately across her angelic face. Light began to wash over her, the sunlight rejoicing as it kissed her skin magnificently. " I love you, Angelica." I whispered into her hair, a small murmur escaping her mouth. " I love you, too."
  4. ***Angelica***Slowly peeling my eyes open, I gave a small murmur as I felt a hand gently graze my upper cheekbone, a small muffled whisper in my hair saying " I love you." Suddenly, everything came back to me, the memories rushing over me as I gave a small smile. " I love you, too." I whispered, raising my face from his chest, our noses making contact.
  5. " How do you manage to look so pretty this early in the morning?" he whispered delicately into my ear, his steamy breath tickling the nape of my neck as I blushed furiously. " It's a Guardian thing, silly." I muttered, reddening more and more by the second, my heart racing as if it were on hyper-speed. " I should have guessed that."
  6. Delicate kisses trailed down the side of my cheek, leaving butterflies soaring through my stomach as a deep crimson climbed my cheeks. " I hope you choose me." he breathed, our foreheads gently pressing together before he brushed his lips against mine, letting them linger for a while. " I'm not ready to choose." " You only have three more months until you turn eighteen, Angelica. After that, you have to decide. You get that, right?"
  7. Giving a small nod, his deep blue eyes, washing over me like the ocean, studied me carefully, seeming to be stuck on my eyes. Smothering me in a warm embrace, we carefully crawled out from under the linen blankets, our fingers entwining as we scurried off into the hall. " You had us scared to death!" I heard a voice call out, my heart stopping as I saw Zach standing in the hall. His head tilted sideways, he glanced over at Grayson, who was giving a smug look.
  8. "I'm sorry." " What were you even... Actually, I'd rather not know. You could have at least warned us." Zach grumbled, his golden eyes flicking over to me, his words coursing through my veins like venom. " Zach... I... Look, it's not what you think!" I whined, releasing Graysons hand and gently gliding over to Zach with a worried frown. " Then what were you doing?" " Zach, she's telling you the truth. She wasn't feeling good last night, so I insisted on her going to my room so I could keep an eye on her. That's all." Grayson insisted.
  9. A worried look crawled through Zach's eyes, his gentle fingertips brushing the side of my face as he spun me around to get a better look at me. " I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so quick to assume things. You do look awfully pale." " It's fine Zach, I'm fine. Don't worry." I grinned, entranced by the way his eyes shone like golden orbs delicately dipped in layers of thick gooey honey. My hand in his, I sighed softly as he led me through the flight of stairs, that carefully built off into a flat concrete porch. " I want the truth, Angelica. Are you considering choosing Grayson?"
  10. " I don't know yet, Zach. I'm just so confused right now, okay? I need time to think this through. You... You just don't get it!" I snapped furiously, tears trickling down my cheeks as I glared up into his golden eyes, a look of pure annoyance running across his face. " I don't, you're right. Help me understand it. I love you, Gelly Cat, you can tell me anything." he whispered, taking my hands in his palms, my shoulders shaking as I began to sob bitterly.
  11. " I only have three months left to think things through. Not to mention I'm... I'm just scared, okay? Louis wouldn't be here if I weren't in danger." " I'm sorry, Angelica, just get that I'll forever love you, no matter who you choose." he whispered in a raspy voice, pulling me into his warm embrace. " I love you, too. I really do."
  12. *** Derrek ***Amanda gently swayed over to me, carressing my chin in her palm as she blushed vibrantly. " Look, we both know you liked Angelica, but.... Why not give us a little chance?" she asked with a lopsided grin. Ew. " Amanda, you're psycho. I'll never like you, never. I will be with Angelica soon, don't you worry you're pretty little head." I hissed, pushing her away in disgust, her eyes narrowing as she gave a nod. " Yes, master."
  13. ***Angelica***As quickly as morning had come, night had fallen. The moon illuminated his face as he led me through a valley of pennyroyal, the minty essence enhancing the romantic atmosphere. " You really have changed me, Angelica. I used to be different, a heartbreaker. Now you're the one toying with my heart, leaving me utterly defenseless. Your loves my drug, Gelly Cat. I want you, I want us, I want this." Zach whispered breathlessly, caressing my cheek in his palm, our lips gently connecting, matching like a puzzle piece.
  14. My hands gently running through his beautiful Raven black hair, I gave a pleased sigh as he began to kiss me passionately, love practically coursing through the kiss. His soft lips against mine felt so right..... so good. Pulling back for breath, I looked up into his honey eyes. " I want you, too. I want us." I whispered, rubbing his jaw with a small smile,
  15. " Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" he questioned softly, my heart racing excitedly as I looked into his eyes, sensing nothing but love for me. " I'd love to."
  16. His warm breath tickling my upper lip, he gently allowed his smooth lips to glide against mine, bringing me into his warm embrace, sending me into a crazy state of shock. After half an hour, we silently walked back to the cabin, hand in hand, my head gently resting on his shoulder. As we entered the cabin,we were greeted by an awkward silence, each guy staring at us in shock.
  17. " Angelica.... I thought.... You said...." Grayson stammered, his bottom lip twitching nervously as he saw the two of us practically glued to each other, Zach looking down at me lovingly. " Grayson, I'm sorry. I really am. I'm not ready to make such decisions." I rasped, snuggling up closely to Zach, his face reddening as he gave the tip of my nose a sweet kiss. " You two are really together?" Castiel asked, sounding a little hurt as I gave a shameful nod.
  18. ***Lucifer***Glaring at Rebecca with a feeling of pure rage, a snarl escaped the small parting of my lips, her thin lips tugging up into a pleased smirk. " You still like her, don't you?" she snickered, gently bending over me, raising her hand. Before I could protest, she furiously slapped my upper cheek, the spot stinging as she gave me a vile smirk. " You ready to reconsider, Lucifer?" " I can't destroy her.... Alone."
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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