sad,romantic love story

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So this is part two of sad, romantic love story. I forgot to but part two in the title but Iwill for part 3. If I rmnenber. This has more excitement then part 2

So any way if you liked sad, romantic love story you will like part 2. Stay tune for part what are you way ting for come and take this quiz Now.

Created by: lindseyt
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  1. I think you should try getting to know him better. I mean he could like u and you don't even know it. said Alyssa.i doubt it responded , Abigail.
  2. come promise me youll try.come on please Abigail. ok I will try tomorrow.
  3. the next day at school. Hi Andrew.oh hi your Abigail right? yeah.ummm would u ike to go out sometime A bigail said. are you asking me out. well yes. im sorry Abigail but I have a girlfriend said Andrew.Andrews frieds overheard Abigail they laughed at her. never mind said Abigai and runs away
  4. Abigail runs into a boy from school Kevin.oh sorry says Abigail. its ok.why were you running away asks Kevin his voice filled with concern. oh no reason its nothing. are you sure. yes im sure.
  5. The next day Abigail deciddeds to apologize. She walks up to Andrew and says I'm sorry about yesterday, I didn't know you had a girlfriend. Andrew looks at Abigail I do have a girlfriend but its not that. I think you should know Abigail I think your reallly ugly.
  6. Abigail couldn't believe what Andrew had just said. She turned and ran away(yes again) She went home she found that her family was out. Abigail was hurting with pain so badly that she couldn't stand it any longer.
  7. She grab bed a knife from the kitchen, she looked at the knife. Abigail took the knife her room.she was about to cut herself when someone burst into her room.
  8. Wait for part 3
  9. Byèe
  10. byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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