A Jacob Black Love Story

This is a love story between Jacob and Bella that could have happened if she didn't like Edward, which you don't in this series. It's like the book except with Jacob as your main love interest.

So if you're Team Jacob, you will definitely love this. It's the romantic connection that I made up between you(Bella) and Jacob. I'm sure you'll love it almost as much as I love Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black. :P

Created by: NicoleMS
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  1. Your name is Bella Swan, and your father(Charlie Swan) has just arrived home from work at the police station. He's a sheriff for your small town, Forks. Your best friend, Jess, sends you a text while you're in the middle of reading this new book. You sigh, set it aside, and look at the message. It says: "wanna come to la push with me, mike, and the gang?" You greet your Dad as he walks in. "Hey Dad, can I go down to La Push with some friends?" He sets down the new-paper and nods. "I don't see why not. Is all of your homework done?" You nod. "Okay, sure, have fun." He walks into the kitchen.
  2. You text Jess back and say that you'll be there. She replies and says to meet her there in 20 minutes. You agree, before running upstairs and grabbing your jacket and putting $20 into your pocket. Then you pull on your shoes and head out the door with you keys and phone. You arrive at the beach 15 minutes later and get out of your big red-ish orange truck, that Mr. Billy Black gave to you for your birthday, and greet your friends. Then you see Jake and his friends. "Bella, this is Quil and Embry." He introduces. Jess laughs at the googly eyes Quil is giving you. "Forget it dude, she's taken. Edward is in looove with her." You laugh and notice Jacob is looking a bit more fierce and strong. "Jake, have you been working out?" You ask. He smiles and nods. "Yeah, I'm surprised you noticed." He says. Jess nudges you. "Don't try to change the subject. We all know he's super cute, but do you like him back?" Jess asks. You shake your head. "He's strange." You replied.
  3. So after a day at the beach you decide to go to the movies with Mike and Jacob.(i know im missing some events) The movie was completely awkward though, because you were sitting in between to guys who had their hands in a cupped position by you as if they wanted you to hold their hands. Suddenly Mike said he was gonna be sick and ran off to the restroom. You and Jacob follow and Jacob tries to hold your hand.
  4. "I know what Edward is treating you like." How does he know about his weird behavior, and that time that he followed you to save you from those guys in the alley, and all those other things? "Is he scaring you?" You nod. "A little." The two of you sit on the stairs. "I'd never do that. I'd never want to scare you."
  5. Before you know it your leaning your head on Jacob's shoulder and daydreaming of what it would be like to date him. Then Mike comes out of nowhere. "Well, um, I think we should get going. Ya know, I'm feeling sick." Jacob stands up and gets in Mike's face. "Ya know, if your feeling sick, maybe you should go to the hospital. So how about I put you in one?!" Jake threatens. You stand up and pull Jacob from him. All of a sudden he feels a lot more warm. "Jake, are you okay?" He says he has to go and quickly runs off.
  6. Well sorry it was so short but this is just the first part. Part 2 should be up some time this week.
  7. BTW you don't like Edward as much in this series as you do in the real series.
  8. Did you like the first part so far?
  9. Please leave any comments or suggestions :)
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  11. Don't forget to stay "tuned" for A Jacob Black Love Story Part 2

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