Jacob Black Quiz (Jacob fans ONLY)

Ok this is my first quiz so comment and rate so I know if I did ok So please comment and rate & have fun with this quiz But first read the second paragraph

Think your a true Jacob Black fan then continue if not go away. I hope you read all of the books if not then you will be really confused so go on and take this quiz if you think you're a fan

Created by: Tiffany

  1. What is Jacob's fur color when he is a wolf
  2. Who does he imprint on
  3. Who is Jacob's best friends
  4. What does Jake throw at Rosalie
  5. Who does Jake change in front of
  6. What does he do in order to get Bella grounded
  7. What is Jacob suppose to be
  8. Who are his sisters
  9. What car does Jake fix
  10. What is Jacob

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