Who Is Your Hottie Part 5

The hotties are back! This time around, you'll meet a new hottie (described in second paragraph), visit a Yankees game and find out a hidden talent of Jacob!

Isaac: short, black hair, dark eyes, smart-ish, musically talented Austin- shorter, brown hair, hazel eyes, smartest, loud, cute Sean- blue eyes, blonde hair, smart Jacob- dirty-blonde hair, hazel eyes, leftie, awesome tennis player Alden: nickname AJ, freckles, jet-black hair, green eyes, strong, mysterious

Created by: lgkavanagh

  1. So today is the Yankees game with Isaac! So you wake up late, 11:00, and find that Jacob and Sean are out rallying outside on the court and pass Austin's room to find him asleep on his desk. Downstairs, Isaac is all dressed-up in Yankees gid-up. You give him a kiss and ask if there's anything left from breakfast. He smiles and nods, handing you a thick stack of pancakes. You and Isaac sit and talk while you eat them.
  2. You excuse yourself so you can get ready to go. When you pass Austin's room, you notice him beginning to wake up. You pop in his room and decide to wake him up with a little kiss on the cheek. He immediatly wakes up when he feels your lips on his cheek. He turns and kisses your lips.
  3. You decide to wear a tank-top and jeans with a cute ball cap. Isaac escorts you to the car and the driver takes you off to the stadium. You two make out the entire ride.
  4. When you get there, you two cheer from the Yankees and talk the whole time. It's the best date you've had since moving into this house. When you arrive back at the car after a Yankees victory, Isaac excuses himself to use the bathroom. You hang out by the exit when a guy that you've never seen before walks up to you. "Hey ____."
  5. He smiles at you and kisses you passionatly. It's the most amazing kiss you've ever had. He whispers in your ear. "My name is AJ... I know who you are. I've been admiring you from afar for a long time." He grabs your hand. "I also know how you're living with these losers to find out who you'll end up with. I think that you'll end up with someone who you don't expect." He winks at you and kisses your cheek. Isaac calls your name then. AJ says quietly "Don't forget me... you'll see me again soon." You swear you hear an evil laugh as he walks away.
  6. Isaac obviously didn't see the whole incident that just happened because he just takes your hand in his and walks you to the car.
  7. On the way home, you and Isaac make out and laugh. Once home, you take a shower and go down to the kitchen. Something smells good. You assume it was Isaac but to your surprise it's Jacob. He's making cookies. You give him a hug and ask about the match that went on that morning. "I won." He smiles. "Well, here's a congratulations gift." You give him a kiss. He blushes and smiles. "Well, thank you." he says. The oven dings and he gets out a pan of peanut butter cookies, you're fave.
  8. You eat a couple cookies and talk to Jacob. You yawn and Jacob sees how tired you are. He gives you one final kiss and says good night. You say good night in the midst of another yawn. You are trashed and fall into bed. You dream about that mysterious AJ character. Who is he? What does he want? Does he really like you? Why hadn't you seen him before? You wake up sweating and screaming and Austin by your side.
  9. Austin kisses you and you two make out until you fall asleep. In the morning you see a note... "would you like to go to dinner and ice age 3 tomorrow night? xoxo austin"
  10. Next time you'll go on a date with Austin, you'll find out what AJ's REAL motives are and an old friends will return! (No effect)
  11. Who do you love?

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