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Okay, if you took my series which guy will you fall in love with then this will make a little bit more sense. So, if you haven't taken those quizzes yet, take one! Thanks, okay paragraph 2!

There's five hottie hot hotties that all want you to be their gal. There's Kemper, the super delicious older one, Seth, the gorgeous athletic one, Martin, the adorable funny one, AJ the cute shy one, and Nick the hot mysterious one. Are you ready to see if he could be the one?

Created by: rebekahgilman
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  1. You and I are at the mall. We're sipping smoothies at he food court when you see five cuties glancing your way. Which one catches your eye?
  2. The boys approach you. Kemper starts talking, "look ______, we all really like you, and we wanted to know if you would come with us, to our mansion, and stay for a month. At the end of the month you can pick which guy you want to stay with" Now, imagine your parents/guardians are okay with this (it's called using your imagination!) You turn around to tell me that you're leaving, but notice that I'm flirting with the hottest senior drummer in the world, Nathan. (Hey, I get to use my imagination too!) Anyway, you follow the boys to their van. Kemper drives, AJ sits in shotgun. You sit by Seth, and Martin and Nick sit in the back.
  3. You arrive at the house, and it is GORGEOUS! I'm taking Beverly Hills Mansion! Now, we're going to use our imagination again, and you have your bags packed, and now unpacked into your room. It's green and blue, like the sea. It has a balcony that overlooks a huge pool. The bed is at least queen sized and has white lacy sheets.
  4. Well, the boys give you a tour of the house. It's huge! You swear you're going to get lost. Well, you go up to your room and write me an email, explaining why you ditched me for five cuties... You hear a knock on your door just as you finish, and you open it up to see Martin. "Hey, we just wanted to let you know, that tonight we're going bowling, if that's okay with you of course" You say that's fine. Martin smiles. He gives you a soft kiss and leaves to get ready.
  5. You get ready to go bowling. You put on a long pink shirt, with brown capri pants. Small high heel sandals, and long brown necklace, and your hair is curled and down. All the boys say something super cute, which one made you blush the most?
  6. The six of you get to the bowling alley. You have no idea how, but the guys have the whole place rented out. First you play laser tag, you, Kemper, and AJ vs. Seth, Martin, and Nick. (Your team won! And AJ kissed you) Then you switched the teams up. You, Nick, and Seth vs. Kemper, AJ, and Martin (you're team won, again and this time Nick kissed you on the cheek) Then it was Kemper and AJ, vs. Martin, Nick and Seth. Martin, Nick and Seth creamed Kemper and AJ.
  7. You guys finish the laser tag games, and head over to the bowling lane. The guys make you a deal, whoever wins gets alone time with you first, then whoever get second gets time with you second, and so on and so fourth. Who do you think will win?
  8. You start bowling. You're up first, you get a strike and the boys all high five you! Then you realize that you got two extra high fives. Oh-no, the villians! It's Alex and Brad! Two ugly, weird, dudes who are in love with you.
  9. The boys protect you ASAP! However, in the confusion Brad punches you, which causes you to lose your balance, and then you fall and hit your head on a bowling ball. You black out, and the next thing you know, you're back in your room with Kemper and Seth at your bed side. "She's okay," Seth says.
  10. Seth kisses you and tells you he's going to sleep. It's already midnight. Seth leaves the room and Kemper follows. However, after a minute, Kemper walks back in, "What an idiot," he laughs, "I have you all to myself." You smile, and your heart beats faster. Kemper is so hot! He looks you in the eyes, "I better stay here and make sure you're okay," he winks, "you know, be your doctor."
  11. You giggle, and Kemper kisses you. You kiss him back, he's the best kisser in the world. He lays down next to you, and you lay your head in his cheast. He kisses you on the head, and you fall asleep at his side.
  12. Well, come back for part 2! Now, who do you love?

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